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Seeking Your Higher Purpose With Your Spirit Guides

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2008-11-23 07:59:06     
Article by Rose Windale

It can be disheartening when in the realm of the physical, friends and loved ones disappoint us. At times we may feel alone and deserted to the point that everything may seem hopeless. Instances such as these can happen to anybody. But for someone who ardently seeks and hopes, "something" offers help. It may not be in the guise of a person or a friend, but a warm and loving presence. One which comforts and soothes, one which guides. At some points you may have a similar experience. If you happen to have a sensitive soul, you can feel this presence- an entity perhaps.

You may have wondered what it exactly is. Beyond this plane, there is the spiritual realm. In the spiritual realm, your Higher Self can be regarded as your parent aspect. A parent would normally care for the welfare and well-being of their child. Your Higher Self does as well. But other than your Higher Self, there are "aunts and uncles" in the spiritual dimension who are deeply invested in your growth and happiness. Who are these spiritual "aunts and uncles"? You may have heard of the term "Spirit Guides", and that is one way of calling them. While we are incarnate, Spirit Guides are the only non physical entities which can have direct interaction with us. Our Higher Self has its own perspective, but Spirit Guides offer us more information from varied and broader point of views. Our Higher Selves know, but our Spirit Guides come from a slightly more advanced Soul evolution. "Guides" that they are which has the utmost concern for us, each has their own life history and experiences to draw from. They posses their own Soul-level gifts and talents to steer and comfort us. From the spiritual and transcendent perspective, they seek to make us see a broader vision. While we exist in our incarnate form, our Spirit Guides are the only spiritual entities which can directly communicate with us.

Other spiritual entities exist, but they would need our permission (at least on the unconscious level) to be able to get through to us. But our Guides, they can initiate communication with us as they see fit. They seek to guide us towards our highest path and purpose. In the spiritual plane, our Guides work with our Higher Selves. Other than that, they can also direct us in the physical plane. The warm loving presence of our Guides can impulse us in certain ways. It can be through a physical sensation or a specific feeling. A scent or a tingle in the spine, even a thought pattern. Their gentle coaxing will make us know and understand. The process of them letting us "feel" them is largely unconscious. But once you become keen and pay closer attention, you will be able to discern recognizable patterns. Your inner senses will become aware of their presence alerting you. Our Spirit Guides have a vast wealth of information to offer us. We can consciously seek for their assistance and make them aware that we are willing to work with them. In your heart, seek your highest purpose and ask for Guidance. Our Guides are there to help but they cannot take action on our behalf with their own initiative.

They acknowledge an individual's free will and choice- those which you yourself have. As we are able to sense the comforting presence of our Guides, we can communicate with them and be thankful. Seek to be thankful and align your goals and desires with theirs. Our earthly human understanding is often limited, but we can seek the aid of Eyes which see better.

The author of this article Rose Windale is a Health and Wellness Coach who has been successful with several natural health programs for many years. Rose decided to share her knowledge and tips through her website http://www.healthzine.org. You can sign up for her free newsletter and enjoy a healthy and happy life.

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