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             18 August, 2022

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Inner Thigh Workouts - Check Out These 3 Must Perform Exercises!

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2008-11-22 04:13:22     
Article by Bill Forestell

That inner thigh fat - don't you just hate it? For women, the inner thighs are the definition of a "problem area". They seem to be magnets for fat, don't they? Guys have the same problem with their mid-section, or should I say their beer bellies?

For women, the inner thighs are like the deep end of a pool. You can't fill a pool without first filling the deep end and when it comes to draining it, the water in the deep end is the last to go. Well, for that analogy - just replace water with fat and the pool with your thighs.

All that being said, you already know that your thighs are a problem area which is exactly why you're looking for inner thigh workouts. So, without further ado, here's what you're looking for. But just remember, I'm not writing this for fun so you better actually perform the exercises next time you're at the gym.

Inner Thigh Workouts - Exercise #1 = Hip Abduction Machine

Pretty much every gym has one of these. It's usually right next to the "hip abduction" machine. Confusing names I know. The abduction machine - the one that works your inner thighs - has you closing your legs against the resistance.

- Perform 3 sets of 12-15 repetitions
- Rest 1 minute between sets

Important: Do not allow the weights to make contact with the stack as you open your legs. If the plates touch, your inner thighs will be alleviated of the resistance.

Inner Thigh Workouts - Exercise #2 = Wide Leg Squats

This is a great exercise that works almost your entire lower body. You can do it with a barbell across your back or you can do it while holding a single dumbbell. For the dumbbell version, just grab one end of the dumbbell and hold it in between your legs as you squat down. Remember, this is a "wide leg" squat so position your feet far apart and your toes should actually be pointed off to the sides.

- Perform 3 sets of 12-15 repetitions
- Rest 1 minute between sets

Inner Thigh Workouts - Exercise #3 = Lying Hip Abduction

Good news, this exercise can be done anywhere. So, next time you're watching a movie and feeling sort of lethargic, get down on the ground and start doing working out.

The set up for this exercise has you lying on your side with one leg straight and the other leg bent and crossed over the straight leg. You then elevate the straight leg up and down (don't allow your leg to make contact with the ground in between repetitions).

- Perform 3 sets of as many repetitions as you can
- Perform the exercise for both legs then rest 1 minute before starting again

When you start to find the exercise easy, you can add resistance by simply wearing a boot or by using ankle weights.

Now, I know it's tough to understand how to execute these exercises without actually seeing them being performed. Well, I'm one step ahead of you. On my website, you'll be able to find all sorts of videos and detailed instructions on how to perform hundreds of exercises.

You want exercises for your legs?

Well, here are about 50!

Lower Body Exercise Videos

I also feel the need to tell you that it really doesn't matter how many of these exercises you do if don't get your eating habits straightened out. Fat loss is all about creating a calorie deficit - which means you have to burn more calories than you ingest. Now, unless you have some sort of a guide, that's easier said than done.

On my site - which I created to genuinely help people by providing honest information and exposing the scam products within the industry - I do a lot of reviews. The most recent review just so happens to be of a newly released weight loss program. You can see what I thought of it here..

Weight Loss Program Review

Check it out and don't forget to register for your free account!

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