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BSNL broadband

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2008-11-13 06:59:22     
Article by Milind Deshmukh

BSNL is on the way of commissioning of a multi-gigabit, multi-protocol, a world class, convergent IP infrastructure with the help of national internet backbone, which will offer convergent services through the broadband access network. This BSNL broadband service can be available on DSK technology.

BSNL broadband is one of the best broadband services of BSNL. This service is being offered on existing copper wire infrastructure. This service is known as the best technology, which provides you high speed internet service and in addition to it also provides you some other services like video conferencing, broadcast application, multicasting, VPN and video on demand, interactive gaming, audio conferencing, IP Telephony. The subscribe can access the services which are mentioned above through subscriber service selection system portal.

BSNL broadband is start up plan is available for home and business users. This plan include particulars and their price like download upload limit every month is 1.0n GB, additional usage charges are 0.90, free E-mail IDs limited to 1/5 MB.

VPNoBB is offered as a separate service in two versions like low cost basic version and high cost premium version. There are some key objectives of this BSNL broadband like it offers you fast speed internet connectivity, virtual private network service for broadband customers. Other key objectives include providing dial VPN service for MPLS VPN customers, providing multi-cast video services through broadband remote access server, providing both kinds of broadband services like pre-paid broadband service and post paid broadband service.

The layer one of this network contains a fast speed backbone having twenty-four powerful core routers connecting with fast speed 2.5 Gbps links. The routers are established on national DWDM network interfacing at STM-16 optical level for providing fast transmission speeds

MPLS VPN is an excellent technology which has advantage over some other technologie4s like it permits a service provides such as BSNL for having total control over parameters which are very critical to offer its customers service guarantees related to latencies and bandwidth throughputs. The BSNL broadband service includes fast speed internet along with phone service on the same telephone line.

The detailed description of the services of BSNL broadband is given below

1)Content based services: It provides you some content-based services, which include lice and time shifted TV and interactive gaming.
2)Dial VPN service: This kind of service permits users fir accessing their private network in safe way over the NIB-second infrastructure.
3)Multicasting: This offers video multicast services for application in distance telemedicine and distance education.

What kind of requirements is necessary for customers to use broadband?
1)BSNL's basic phone connection
2)Your own computer with 100 Ethernet port
3)ADSL customer premise equipment
How can you apply for the connection of BSNL broadband?
If you want to apply for a broadband connection then first you have to download the form and then submit that form in the BSNL custom service center. There is facility of online applying also.
When the BSNL broadband service has launched?
The broadband service has launched in Chennai, Kolkata, Bangalore and Hyderabad from 14th January 2005.

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