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             26 October, 2020

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How Cocoa Beans Are Processed

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2008-11-05 06:48:07     
Article by Cristian Stan

How much do you love a cup of hot chocolate in the morning? Maybe you're a lover of chocolate bars and chips? If so, you might as well know how those sweet pleasures of life came to be. Chocolates come from cocoa beans. But to make them rich and tasty, not just any other cocoa beans are used. Only especially handpicked, top quality beans can create chocolates and chocolate drinks that can delight your meticulous taste buds.

Cocoa beans come from trees called cacao trees. These trees are mostly grown in tropical countries where the warm weather contributes greatly to the high quality production of these fruits. Once the beans are ready for harvest, the long and complex process of turning the beans into fine chocolate takes place.

Right on, it is easy to see that the source of great-tasting chocolates is premium grade cocoa beans. If the raw ingredient is not good enough, the finished product is not going to be anything better. The best cocoa beans right now come from the Dominican Republic. Out there, organic cocoa are grown and cultivated to perfection, at par with the world's standards of quality for organic foods.

After harvesting the cocoa beans, it would have to be fermented and dried. These are two very important processes in cocoa bean production because these stages add to the aroma and quality of the beans. The better the fermentation and drying processes are performed, the richer taste and aroma the beans will have. Strict quality control standards have to be implemented in these stages so that only the most desirable results are achieved.

After fermentation and drying, the cocoa beans have to be handpicked to separate the good fruit from the bad ones. They have to cleaned, fragmented, and stripped of husks before they are blended to become cocoa mass. But even prior to that, the cocoa beans have to be heat-treated in order to fully get rid of possible bacteria contaminants. Heat treatment may mean roasting them over a high temperature. After which, they are grounded finely until they become liquid cocoa mass.

In its liquid cocoa mass form, the beans would then be made into butter to make it fit for chocolate production. The cocoa mass will be filtered so that all solid ingredients are removed. Cocoa butter becomes the raw ingredient for chocolate and chocolate drinks. And they are usually shipped in liquid or solid form.

Cocoa butter is currently used in many applications these days and not just in making chocolates. If you were observant of the newest spa body and hair treatments, you'll see that chocolate massage and hair wax are now being offered. Some toiletries and cosmetic items also add cocoa butter into their ingredients list to make their product fit for its purpose.

In its powder form, cocoa can be used to make cookies, cakes, chocolates, drinks, and all other sweet goodies everybody can't resist. Milk, sugar, and butter are added to it to achieve that taste as required by the recipe. Sooner or later, the finished products such as chocolate bars, delectable cakes, chocolate chip cookies, and all other chocolate-based food items will be shipped to grocery stores and convenience shops for everybody else to consume. Just imagine what life is without chocolates. Surely, it will be bland and dull.

Marabel Farms - Cocoa beans producers from the Dominican Republic.

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URL: http://www.marabelfarms.com
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