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Simple Facts About HOA's

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2008-11-03 05:15:11     
Article by Anita Koppens

Many home buyers like to purchase in some kind of subdivision. This can include any kind of gated community, a golf property, or a lake subdivision. The good thing about a subdivision is that they very often have amenities that you simply could not get at another type of community. Some subdivisions have their own shopping areas, jobs, schools, or even recreational areas. There are even community pools and parks in many of these communities. Walking trails and picnic areas are another popular amenity. There are also subdivisions that have tried to put together a neighborhood that would be inviting to a certain group of buyers, like an equestrian community or a community for retired people.

The one aspect that you will likely have to accept along with these bonuses is that most subdivisions have a set of rules that come with owning a property. These rules will be enforced by the home owners' association, or HOA. The authority given to the HOA varies from one community to another. One HOA may have very few rules, while others will tell you what colors you can paint your home or how many cars you can have on the street. If you are considering purchasing a home that is in a community with an HOA, take the time to find out what the rules are, and how vigorously they are imposed.

HOA rules vary from one neighborhood to the next. A subdivision will have different needs and wants depending on the location and the overall objective of the neighborhood. Some typical types of rules, which are known as covenants, include limitations on livestock, not allowing unregistered cars or even restrictions on holiday decorations. These rules are meant to give the subdivision a uniform look. That is why many of the restrictions include limitations on the color of the exterior of the house, or the size of new homes. This cohesive look helps to keep the value of homes in the subdivision from going down, because buyers like a uniform look. It also gives you security in knowing that your neighborhood will stay looking great. HOAs are meant to help protect your home as an investment.

While homeowners' associations are great for keeping up appearances, they can surely hinder your personal lifestyle if choose one which may have many rules and regulations which you don't concur with. If you dislike lawn care, then choosing a subdivision that requires lawns to be trimmed to a specific length may not be fit for you. The same is true if you have always wanted to own a horse. Many subdivisions and neighborhoods do not allow livestock. Therefore, it is important to understand the rules and regulations of any subdivision you are thinking of purchasing a property in. If you wait until after you have signed on the dotted line, you may find yourself resenting all of the rules imposed upon you and your home.

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