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             01 December, 2023

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Car Lease Calculator - Do's and Don'ts

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2008-11-01 08:32:43     
Article by Chris S. Richards

Most people who are interested in leasing a car end up searching the Internet for help. What they find varies from sites trying to sell your name to sites that will calculate your lease payment for you. While they all look good on the surface, you need to watch out to make sure that you are not being given bad or misleading information.

The first thing to look for is a site that looks reputable, and has contact information if you have questions. As with the real world, when you are going to depend on information, especially information that you rely on for your next car lease, you want to make sure the person giving it to you has your best results in mind.

The second thing to look for is a calculator where you can enter your figures directly, and you don't rely on estimates of a car value. Most calculators now a days will allow you to select the make and model of the car, but not actually put the MSRP as given to you by the dealer. They usually use a value of the car based on popular configurations. You need to make sure you have total control over the calculations from start to finish.

The third thing to look out for is a lease calculator that is located on a manufacturer or dealer website. While they are not totally there to rip you off, they never allow you to enter the real MSRP or Cap Cost on your car, and will always lean on the high side, so that they can get as much from you as possible.

Using these tips can save you money every month you have your car lease. The best way to save the most on your next car lease is to use the assistance of a Car Leasing Black Book Guide. These guides will give you hidden information that dealers and manufacturers don't want you to know about and can truly unlock $1,000 in savings.

Want more info about how to Save Money By Leasing? I go though the steps necessary to save your TIME and MONEY when leasing your next car. Visit the Car Leasing Black Book Website for more information and tips.

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