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             03 December, 2022

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How to Eliminate Paper Clutter Forever!

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2006-08-14 21:38:36     
Article by Ariane Benefit

Do you have paper clutter in your home office? Do you keep documents because you "might" need them someday, but they don't have a home in your paper filing system. Welcome to the world of super easy, super portable, wireless scanning! DocuPen RC800 This is the coolest organizing tool I've seen in quite a while. It's a page / photo scanner you can take with you anywhere! It holds 8 MB of information - that's 100's of pages! It takes about 4 seconds to scan a page and you download them to your computer via USB. The battery recharges while connected to your USB port! This tool can be used to significantly reduce your paper clutter and the amount of paper filing you need to do. Imagine how much filing space it can free up!

Hear are some ways to use the DocuPen to help you organize the avalanche of paper in your life.

1. For those of you afraid to throw away paper, this may be a great way to create a purgatory for paper you don't want to file, but don't to throw away just yet.
Keep 12 digital file folders labeled by month
Scan papers in according to the month you receive them.

2.If you don't need the papers during the next 3 months to a year...just delete the contents and start over!
If you work at client's home and you write up notes or draft something by hand, instead of making a paper copy, you can just scan it in.
3.Easily and quickly scan in photos from an old photo album without risking damaging the album by laying it on a scanning bed, or removing photos from the album.
4.Scan in receipts to a digital folder for business tax purposes.
5.Scan in articles from magazines so you don't have to keep the whole magazine or have files.
6.Scan pages from a book without having to put the book on your scanning bed.
7.At a store, scan in info on products you are considering buying
8.When researching a subject or product, scan in related pages from books, magazines, catalogs, newspapers, and more.
9.Scan in business cards!

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