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             26 November, 2020

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Ideas From Corporate Event Planning Services - Create Moral Boosting Staff Meetings

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2008-10-15 19:40:56     
Article by Christine OKelly

The ideas corporate event planners use when planning their events keep those at the event interested. Consider using these same strategies in your staff meetings to keep these events light and informative. It is a proven fact that happy workers are more efficient and have a lower rate of error than those who are unhappy in their position. Use this concept to keep employees interested in the information you have to share, get creative, and build the energy your business needs to succeed. Here are a few great ideas from corporate event planning services to consider:

Change Of Location

If staff meetings are held in the same place all the time, consider some ideas corporate event planning services have for changing locations. Consider moving into the company cafeteria or outside in the parking lot or local park. Add food to the event and you have a winning combination. If moving to a different space isn't an option for your next staff meeting, consider adding some decorations and other items to the room to spice things up. Some corporate event planners have even created a monthly theme that combines with the company brand.

Fun And Games

Even though staff meetings often don't last long, schedule in time to include games and fun activities that everyone can enjoy. Make everyone into teams and give each group a 'project' to complete, which might be building something from building blocks or it could be a trivia game. The winning group could then get a prize. Appropriate music or simple games like Pictionary or charades can have a company touch.

Employee Recognition And Awards

Corporate event planners recommend taking time on a regular basis to show appreciation, encourage company loyalty, and enthusiasm with small awards ceremonies at the beginning of an event. They don't have to be for company changing feats, but even for small things. Some ideas corporate event planning services often use include things such as 'idea of the month', 'top team member', or 'go-getter of the month'. The idea is to demonstrate some sort of appreciation and acknowledgement of individuals from various levels.

Give Employees A Say

Although this can be difficult with a larger staff, give everyone a chance to offer ideas or bring up questions and concerns. One of the main reasons staff meetings seem like a chore for employees is because they feel as if their thoughts don't matter. Give them a portion of the meeting that is used to explore the company from their side. If you need to, divide the staff into groups by their departments or into sizes. This can also be highly effective at solving problems or issues your company may be experiencing.

These are ideas corporate event planners use to increase the level of energy and creativity at various events. Using the same ideas and concepts as corporate event planning services in staff meetings will stop the boredom and open the lines of communication. When you connect well with your staff, your company will flourish as a result.

About the Author: Christine O'Kelly writes for the corporate event planners, Plexus 821, who offer a complete line of corporate event planning services that allow them to turn ideas into action.

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