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             20 October, 2021

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What Do Fishing & Selling Have in Common?

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2008-10-13 07:34:52     
Article by Cheryl Clausen

The simple answer is they both require the right tools and skill. Let me explain.

Have you ever gone fishing with a novice and a pro? If you have you'll notice some big differences that parallel the differences between a salesperson and a top producer. You just have to see what you're looking at.

The pro places the lure or bait on the hook from a well stocked tackle. The hook is gracefully cast and properly placed where the pro knows his catch is lurking. When the fish nibbles the hook the pro patiently waits for the fish to take a solid bite and then quickly sets the hook. Once the hook is set the fish is smoothly and firmly reeled in and dipped from the water with a net.

In contrast, the novice grabs whatever bait is handy and tosses his hook wherever it lands hoping it lands in the water. When a fish accidently nibbles the novice gives the line a quick jerk and the fish nimbly swims away. When he finally sets the hook he reels the fish in with quick jerks and loses it before it gets close enough to reach with the net.

At the end of the day the novice is exhausted and fishless. The pro feels satisfied and happily heads home with his nice catch.

The pro understands you have to use the right lure or bait for the fish you want to catch. That bait is the message you communicate to your prospects. When the prospect nibbles on the hook, that is once they've demonstrated at least some interest in what you have to offer, he doesn't immediately try to set an appointment.

The pro knows you can have the right bait and it still won't do you any good unless you put that bait where the fish who like that bait swim. So the pro gets his message out to the right prospects. Plus he makes sure he has a way to connect with those prospects, before he ever casts his line.

He gets the prospects interest getting the prospect to nibble on the bait. That is, he gets his prospects to ask questions about what he can do for them. Before the pro tries to set the hook, go for the appointment, he makes sure the prospect is curious enough to allow him to set the hook.

It takes practice to get the right message to the right people, yet, it's well worth the effort. You have to find how and where to connect with those right people or your messages are worthless. Then you just have to get them to want to know more. Just like a good fisherman selling more is all in the details.

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