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How to Write a Resume For Success

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2008-10-12 06:49:00     
Article by Benjamin Robert Ehinger

It is almost a requirement for any job that you have a resume to hand to the manager when you apply. There are few employers that will even consider you without one and the ones that would will give you the edge over others if you have a resume. There is a certain way to write a resume that will help you land the job you want. Here are the secrets to how to write a resume.

First, you need to include your contact information at the very top. This should be your phone number, address, and email address. This is how you are going to get the call for an interview so it is very important and belongs at the very top.

Next, you want your name to appear and you want it to be big and bold. You want this to be the eye catching part of the resume so they know who they are dealing with and who the resume belongs to.

Then, you need to list at least your three most current employers. Your resume should only be one single page long so if three is all you can fit, then just go with three. These should include start and end dates, city and state, company name, and your position. They should also include 2 to 3 points about what you did, any awards you received, promotions, or training you were given at the employer.

The next section should be your education section. No high school should be listed here unless you have never received any education past high school. If you have a degree, then list it. If you have a certificate, then list it. If you are in school and have not finished yet, then list your school with your potential graduation date.

Last, you need to include 2 to 4 references for character. It is helpful if these are people that have worked with you or you have worked for in the same field that you are applying for. You need to include a name, city and state, and phone number with your references. This is probably the most important tips about how to write a resume.

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