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             23 January, 2021

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21 Definitions of a Customer

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2008-10-05 08:09:21     
Article by Scott Ginsberg

1. A customer is someone who has a need.
2. A customer is someone whom you deliver value to.
3. A customer is someone who uses what you produce.
4. A customer is someone who has a problem you can fix.
5. A customer is someone who benefits from what you do.
6. A customer is anyone with whom your business engages.
7. A customer is someone who buys your good and service.
8. A customer is someone who participates in your business.
9. A customer is someone who follows, listens and obeys you.
10. A customer is someone who you depend on for your success.
11. A customer is someone who depends on your for her success.
12. A customer is someone whom you are dealing with right now.
13. A customer is someone you complete a sale or transaction for.
14. A customer is someone who admires or supports your business.
15. A customer is someone who seeks to benefit from your expertise.
16. A customer is someone who advances the cause of your organization.
17. A customer is someone who reads your blog or comes to your website.
18. A customer is someone who has a stake in your company or organization.
19. A customer is someone who can potentially create a perception of your company.
20. A customer is someone who is affected by the decisions or actions of your company.
21. A customer is someone who is connected to your organization and can enhance the value of its product and services.


How do you define your customer?


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