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Advice From an Interview With a Truck Driver Reaching 1 Million Miles

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2008-09-29 18:46:54     
Article by Elise Phillips

Getting to submit a series of questions to a trucker with a million miles under his belt is a great privilege. I had a chance to do just that this past week. Read on and get the feel of what a career in truck driving is really like.

Q: Tell me about yourself, Mark.
A: I'm 43. I graduated in 2000 from Roadmaster Drivers School, and went to work for Werner. They treated me so well I stayed. I love to travel and see the country.

Q: What was training like for you and would you recommend professional training to those interested in the trucking industry?
A: Yes, absolutely, they cover all the basics. I learned how to drive in the military (U.S. Army) but my training at Roadmaster covered all aspects of rules and map.

Q: What kind of advice would you give a new student going through a trucking school program?
A: I am [currently] a trainer for Werner and try to pass on my experience to new students Pay close attention to everything said on and off the record- experience is the best teacher.

Q: What do you like best about truck driving?
A: Your office is the outdoors. Your boss is stuck in an office.

Q: How does it feel to have reached the 1 million mile mark?
A: It is an unreal feeling!!! I feel privileged and greatly honored. I've always wanted to drive a truck and accomplish 1 million miles - Now that I have, I'll have to try for 2 million!

Q: What is life like on the road and where do you like to travel the most?
A: [Life on the road is] time controlled, close in quarters with a wide open road. I love it! [I like traveling] the mountains - any and all.

Q: How is the camaraderie on the road?
A: Not as good as it used to be, but basically we still stick together and help out when we can.

Q: What is the best thing about your truck?
A: It is one of the biggest fleet trucks Werner has and I always get compliments about how nice it looks.

Q: What kinds of truck driving experiences stand out for you so far in your truck driving career?
A: Communicating with all kinds of lifestyles.

Q: What advice has been the most important to you since you've been driving?
A: Bill at Roadmaster said it best, "Plan and have fun."

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