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Troubleshooting the Problems of Car Stereos

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2008-09-27 02:46:24     
Article by Victor Epand

Just like human beings machines also need good care to ensure smooth running. That goes as well for your car stereo, which might be giving you the best sound quality currently. Just like any other man made device there are positive as well as negative sides to it. It could get damaged or might not function in the right way. Therefore, troubleshooting the problems of car stereo is also important. When a problem occurs you know there is always a cause to it, be it manual or mechanical or electrical.

Now let us look at some of the most common problems with car stereos. The most common problem is that you get a noise from your car audio system and it disappears the moment you turn your car off. The possible cause might be that the power connection cables pick up the noise of an alternator or ignition device. Troubleshooting this problem is simply by installing a 12-volt noise filter between the power control device and the power input.

Another problem is that your car radio gets only one station. This could be a wiring problem. Sometimes the antenna or the radio itself might be the cause of the menace. The possible solution to these problems is to check the antenna circuit and rewire or replace it if needed. If the problem still persists, either replace the radio or get service center assistance.

Another common problem is that your car stereo is running hot and blowing fuses. This could be due to the fact that wires connected to the speakers are combined rather than run separately. To solve it make sure that each of the speakers has two wires running into it.

Yet another problem is that the car stereo stays on for some time and it goes off and on the next minute. And this continues. The possible reason for this problem is that it may be overheated due to power issues. Or it could be some problem with the amplifier. What you can do is to check your power ratings; see that they match according to the specification. If the power ratings are correct and the problem still persists, then you need to consider service center guidance.

While using two amplifiers, you may lose the right channel on one amplifier. The cause for this problem is the wiring or the sound system. Or it could be a problem with the amplifier. Here you need to try swapping amplifiers or avoid the amp. If the problem continues on both the right channel on both amps, check the sound system or the wiring. Otherwise replace your amp or send it to the service center.

So these are some of the common problems that we may face with our car stereo. The easy troubleshooting methods have been given. If they do not succeed you should make it a point to consult your service center.

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