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Digital Photography Reviews - Digital Photo Directory of the Photographers

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2008-09-25 00:52:54     
Article by David Walls

The advent of digital photography, finding good artwork to illustrate our projects, was difficult and expensive. In the case of Web pages, even some agencies charged with "page views", to convert some projects unvisitable due to high cost and uncertain of the photographs.

But with digital photography, any fan with a good memory card can make hundreds of photographs at no cost. So unless we require a photograph of a particular product, a work of art in a museum or want the photo of a famous model, it's likely that we can find hundreds of photographs online perfect for our needs and at no cost. The issue is learning to find them.

a) allow its use for commercial purposes and the performance of new works from them.

1 .- The morgue file. In "the morgue" in addition to navigate through categories and have an advanced search, we also have a directory of photographers and access to more frequent searches. All photos are "public domain", can be used even for commercial use without even having to quote the author, although it is considered tasteful do, which does not mean that one can be attributed authorship of the same. The only restrictions are on resale, are not allowed to resell or redistribute the photographs.

2 .- Pixel perfect digital. It is a directory smaller than the previous ones but the quality of its images as offsets. It also has a gallery by categories and a good search. Since a few months ago, sent a newsletter to notify while for the arrival of new images. It really deserves to be a return because you have many photographs oriented products isolated. The restrictions are the same as above: We do not allow the redistribution of photographs.

3 .- Image after. It offers, in addition to the photographs, a good directory of textures. In this case the only restriction that made use of their material is that do not allow the redistribution of the same online, but in print.

Digital photography has been a breath of fresh air for most of professional Photographers Corner. Digital Camera with a good memory card can make hundreds of photographs at no cost. So unless we require a Digital photography knowledge To take Photo of a particular product, a work of art in a museum or want the photo of a famous model, it's likely that we can find hundreds of photographs online perfect for our needs. The issue is learning to find them.

Source of Learning Digital Photography http://the-digital-photography.blogspot.com/

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