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             25 October, 2021

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Why Digital Cameras Are Popular and What Features You Should Expect

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2008-09-25 00:52:42     
Article by Adam Jonathan Raymond Westrop

Digital cameras have established a foothold in the market and are slowly but surely wiping away the film camera market. The average digital camera is far superior compare to the average film camera. Although the average digital camera comes packed with extensive amounts of features, the features can vary a significant amount and you should be aware of this if you are considering a purchase.

Cost and the efforts required are two of the major differences between film and digital cameras. Film cameras are substantially cheaper compared to a digital camera, however with a film camera you continuously need to reload film and obviously you need to develop the film and developing the film isn't such an easy task and most of us would prefer doing it from a professional, which adds to the cost. If you go through the process of buying rolls of film and getting the film developed several times, the cost can become significant. On the other hand, digital cameras have the photos saved on the internal memory or on a memory stick/card with easy capability of transferring these photos to a home computer/laptop. Of course when the images have been transferred you are then in control of when and how you print them.

Digital cameras come equipped from user friendly features and a host of options. One of the most useful aspects is the fact that you can instantly review your picture by using the LCD, then if you do not like what you see, you can obviously opt to take another picture. The size and quality of LCDs are making huge advancements year in year out. The crispness of some of the displays is very life like and some of the LCDs are as large as 3 inches.

Most digital cameras also offer video shooting ability. Most will give you the ability to take small video clips and more advanced cameras will give you the option of extended video shooting. Digital cameras also give you the liberty to shoot in many modes like black and white, sepia, tungsten etc, which will of course enable you to create different effects within your photos perhaps giving you that special edge. You can buy digital cameras from many outlets these days, you can opt to shop around and purchase online, or you can opt to go into town and purchase from an official camera store or you could even go down to a big brand shopping store and pick one up there.

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