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             28 February, 2021

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Tips For Learning How to Play the Guitar

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2008-09-24 02:30:17     
Article by Steve Krenz

Learning how to play a guitar is going to take a lot of time and a lot of practice. But it can be one of the most enjoyable instruments to play if you learn how to play it the right way. When you first pick up the guitar you may get frustrated and may even want to give up. However, if you follow these tips it can make playing more enjoyable and you might find that it is easier to learn then you think.

The first tip is probably the most important. It deals with chords which are going to be primarily what you play. You should start with buying a simple chord book and learning to play the basic opening chords of C, A, G, E, and D. When you learn these chords you will be able to move on from there because the other chords are simply variations of these basic chords. While you are practicing these over and over again you should learn how to change over quickly while strumming. This prevents you from picking up bad strumming habits which can ruin your playing after a while.

The next tip is also extremely important. It is the necessity of learning how to play guitar intervals and scales. This comes after you have learned the chords. An interval is the full step between certain chords. For example, the space between the A and G note on the thickest or sixth string is known as a full step, also called an interval. The intervals, or the space between all of the notes, are important to learn if you want to succeed at playing at a more advanced level.

Tip number three, and sometimes the most overlooked tip of them all, is to learn how to tune the guitar. If you don't know how to tune up your own guitar then you will never truly know if the sounds you are making are correct. Also, if you are taking lessons the teacher will start to get very frustrated that you don't have the right sounds on your guitar.

Learn your scales as well. The first scale you want to focus on is the Major scale. This type of scale forms the basic core scale in much of the music that is played today such as country music. Even if you won't be playing this type of music it is extremely important to learn. It can improve your lead playing, chord construction and the ability to hear separate notes in music so that you can easily play them. After learning the Major scale you can move on to the Blues or Pentatonic scale but without the basics of the Major scale your playing will be less than stellar.

Finally, the most important tip of them all is to simply play. The more you practice, play, or even jam the better you are going to be. Looking at books, watching DVDs and listening to CD's of how to play is all fine and good but if you are not actually playing consistently for a few hours a day you will never improve upon the basic skill that you have.

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