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             26 October, 2021

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Managing the Length of Your Articles

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2008-09-20 03:45:06     
Article by Irina Tischenko

Create an outline

Begin by simply listing the major points you want to make in a rough or outline form. You can polish, expand or prune later. The first step is simply to prepare a list of where you want to go with the article.

Fill in the outline

Use a few well chosen words to get your point across. The point of the article is to give enough information to bring people back to your web site for a more complete coverage of the subject. You will want to use the article to intrigue the reader and make him want to visit your web site in order to find out more information. Use the outline in order to make your paragraphs flow smoothly into the next point you want to make.

Write the introductory paragraph and the concluding paragraph after you have written the bulk of the article

This tip helps to rein in those who tend to explain everything in the introductory paragraph. If you write it last, you will be able to quickly restate the important points that have been written for the body of the article. If you limit your introductory paragraph to one or two sentences and close the article with no more than four sentences. The introduction should intrigue and lead into the article, while the closing paragraph should motivate readers to take action.

Keep Track of the Word Count

Use the Word Count editing tool in order to check your count periodically. You can even break up the article into smaller segments, each one with a word count to ensure that you stay on target. For example, you may use 50 words in the introduction, 75 words in the conclusion and the balance in 4 paragraphs of 75 to 125 words each.

Say it once!

This tip is especially useful when you are a writer who tends to end up with 1200 word articles instead of 750 words. It is useless to say something in one sentence and then repeat it another way in the very next paragraph. Make your point, certainly, but don't say it over and over.

Prune unnecessary words and phrases

Most articles could benefit by eliminating ten percent of the total word count. Don't use unnecessary qualifiers, too many connective words, or an inordinate number of adjectives to describe a noun. For example, writing about a super, top-notch, excellent product is a bit much, even if the product is great.

Split your Article into Two Articles

Instead of a lengthy list of Ten Tips, write two articles with Five Tips, and More Great Tips. It is important that each article is written as a stand alone article. Don't use a title that includes Part 1 or Part 2, since it will reduce your opportunity to be published.

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