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             20 March, 2023

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PEX tools: Easy solutions for complete Plumbing range

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2008-09-17 01:23:57     
Article by pexsupply

PEX has acquired a reputed name in the field of providing solutions for complete plumbing products. we have excellent quality of products in reasonable pricing. our range of PEX tools are durable and are specially designed for your convenience.

WE have a new CrimpAll tool by Watts Radiant which can crimp four sizes of PEX pipe. This versatile tool crimps 3/8", 1/2 ", 5/8", and 3/4" PEX Crimp Ring fittings. The complete PEX Tool kit includes the Crimp All tool with four jaw set sizes, rugged tool case, adjustment tools, and a "go/no-go" gauge. It uses the Black Copper rings in combination with PEX clamp or crimp fittings to make connections further 1" Crimp tool can be used For crimping 1" PEX.

The PEX Clamp Tool makes connections for PEX Tubing with the HydroPEX stainless steel clamps of various sizes. The HydroPEX Clamp Tool works with the stainless steel clamps. This tool may also be referred to as a PEX Crimping Tool. When used with the proper stainless steel clamps, The PEX Clamp Tool can make 3/8", 1/2", 5/8", 3/4", and 1" PEX Tubing Connections.

With its ratcheting design, the PEX Press tool ensures a complete press connection each time. The tool cannot be opened until the fitting has been properly pressed. Our PEX convenient rechargeable battery powered tool can make Viega press system connections in 3/8" through 1" dimensions. It comes with two batteries, charger, and a durable carrying case. The kit is offered with or without jaws for your convenience. Interchangeable ProPress jaws are available through Ridge Tool distribution.

In our ProPEX expander tool category we have a wide range of models.These are the manual expander tool, the air expander tool, and several models of the battery expander tools. Which require the use of Wirsbo ProPEX fittings and Wirsbo ProPEX Rings. Wirsbo 1" Copper Valved Manifolds (type "L" copper) feature 1/2" ProPEX outlets. A soldered valve connection allows for simple and easy isolation of individual loops. Copper Manifold Sections can sweat together to extend the number of outlets using a standard 1-inch copper coupling.

PEX Plumbing Manifolds should be used to ease the installation of PEX Plumbing systems. In a PEX plumbing system, the manifolds act as a hub for water transportation. These manifolds include the MANABLOC manifold system, Wirsbo Aquacenter manifolds, and copper manifolds. Select the right fittings and adapters to go along with these manifolds.

For more visit:- www.pexsupply.com

PexSupply.com is designed with the customer in mind.We have a full range of products that you can purchase in a fast and efficient manner. PexSupply.com offers high quality products from the best manufacturers in the industry. Manufacturers such as PEX Tools, crimping tool, clamping tool, expander tool, wirsbo tool, PEX expander tool, pex pipe, pex plumbing, PEX Manifold, and McDonnell Miller set the highest standards in the plumbing and heating industry

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URL: http://www.pexsupply.com
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