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             13 May, 2021

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Top 10 Reasons to Get a Diamond Appraisal

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2008-09-14 03:03:53     
Article by Vicente Ross

There are ten primary reasons why you as a consumer should have a diamond appraisal from an independent appraiser on all your diamonds. We share these vital reasons in an effort to help you avoid the frustrations of of finding out that when comes to diamonds, you didn't get what you paid for.

The services of an independent appraiser are extremely important in today's ever evolving complex marketplace. There is a myriad of issues to consider; the diamond trade has developed technological advancements, consumers have grown in education and sophistication, diamonds have increased in price, and many previously unheard of treatments and ethical issues have arisen, as well.

Years ago, a diamond buyer had only a few concerns to mull over such as the fear that a diamond might be misrepresented as to color, clarity or weight. Now the list of concerns has multiplied to the point that we could write a book about them. Here are the ten reasons why a diamond appraisal is so vital.

1. Is the stone a real diamond, a Cubic zirconia, a man-made diamond, a color altered diamond, a synthetic diamond, loaded with filler, or just a totally phony look-alike?
2. Will the jeweler/dealer/seller sell me one stone and deliver another?
3. Has the stone had some temporary or permanent treatment applied to it, to alter or enhance its appearance?
4. Is there any damage to the stone not detected by the naked eye?
5. Is the information recorded on the grading document accurate?
6. Does the diamond match the grading document?
7. Are the grading documents unaltered and genuine?
8. Is the stone really cut correctly?
9. Does the grading paper supply the buyer with enough information to make an informed decision?
10. If the diamond is stolen, lost or damaged, do you have the proper documents,, (e.g., an appraisal) to prove it's value for an insurance claim?

As you can see, these ten reasons are more than enough for any informed buyer to obtain a diamond appraisal. By using the services of a third party to perform this evaluation you are guaranteed an unbiased examination of the stone.

Think of it like this; in the housing and automobile market, smart buyers use certified inspections to protect them from bad deals everyday. How many times have you heard of someone buying a house without getting an inspection and they end up with a cracked foundation or must replace all of the plumbing. Or they buy a car without getting an inspection and end up with a lemon?

Most of their frustrations could have been avoided by not neglecting this all important step in the purchasing process. Yes, a diamond appraisal will cost you additional money, however it is money well spent that insures you are getting what you are paying for and nothing less!

Vicente Ross is a diamond connoisseur who has turned his passion for diamonds, fine jewelry and precious metals into a thriving Internet Based Business. He travels the world acquiring information on famous diamonds, loose diamonds, Black Diamonds, antique jewelry and other fine jewelry and shares his finds and expertise in his information packed website http://www.DiamondExperts.biz Where diamonds are his only business.

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