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Why Go to Church?

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2008-09-06 04:05:35     
Article by Walter Taylor

I have heard many say that they do not need God. I have even heard some say that God is for weak-minded people. Well, I am only going to tell you what I agree with from the bible. In Hebrews chapter 10 and verse 25 it advises the church or even if you are not in church to not forsake the assembling of yourselves. In a nutshell, do not abandon fellowship with the brothers and sisters of the church. If you forsake fellowship, then you begin to think that you do not need God and slowly drift away into your own sense of God. You become a critic of the God that you once loved so much. You become a critic of the very people that you may have worshiped with.

Why does this happen? Why do people find themselves outside of the fellowship of the church. Well, there maybe times where you were hurt by someone in church. Maybe, you failed at something in church and did not get the support that you think you deserved. Well, is that any reason to stop believing in God? Of course not! Do you stop using dollars because someone did something bad with money? Do you stop driving your car because someone did a bad thing with their car? Do you stop talking because someone used their mouth to curse someone?

There are good apples and bad apples. There are good cars and bad cars. There are good churches and not so good churches. As long as you are dealing with people you will have imperfections. You will find the same type of situations in any church that you may attend, but that is possibly a challenge that the Lord desires for you to work through. Not every challenge is for you to walk away from and call it warfare. Not everyone that walks out of your life does it to hurt you?

This life is not all about you. This life is not all about what someone did to you. If you desire to walk in the victory that is yours, then you will begin to have to look beyond people and their faults and see the need that is looking you right in the face. We were created for fellowship. We are created to be in relationship with God and man. I want to encourage you to find a fellowship to be a part of and participate. Allow the Lord to use your talents to bless someone else. You can do it and God will help.

Peace and Love to you,
Walter Taylor

Walter Taylor was inspired to write through a word of exhortation given to him on March 29, 1998 by pastor Billy Burke of the Miracle Center church in Tampa, Florida. Walter has been writing for almost 8 years and "Touchdown Love" is his first book. Walter has numerous articles on various sites. Check out Walter's website to pick up a copy of his latest book. Visit: http://www.Touchdownlove.com today!

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