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2008-08-25 04:34:49     
Article by John Parker

A-1 Technology is an outstanding software company with an impressive expertise in ASP.NET. A-1 Technology is one of the best in ASP.NET and we assure you of getting the maximum benefits of ASP.Net programming. Our vast experienced team of ASP.Net developers are committed to offer you with sustainable solutions, quality service and the latest on ASP.Net technology. Our expert ASP.Net programmers can develop systems tailored to your every need and using the latest technology. Our dedicated professional ASP.Net team strive to give you the best in asp-net-technologies.and ASP.Net consulting. we take time to understand the client's vision.

ASP.NET is the latest programming framework created by Microsoft for developing next generation web Applications. Created on the Common Language Runtime this framework enables programmers write ASP.Net code in all Microsoft.Net languages C# (stands for "C Sharp"), Visual Basic, and JScript.

The Benefits of ASP.NET

ASP.NET assists in delivering real world web applications in documentation time. ASP.NET helps in boosting the current programming language skills. Unlike the classic ASP, ASP.NET has simplified Web applications with use of limited codes. ASP.NET manages a number of .NET languages as well as built-in support for VB.NET, C#, and JScript.NET, giving you a choice of programming languages and flexibility.

ASP.NET makes web applications easier. The server option in ASP.NET delivers an HTML as a declarative programming that enables and permits developers to create pages with much less codes unlike the classic ASP. ASP.NET actually makes things like exhibiting data, authenticating user input, and also uploading the files look so easy. Most importantly ASP.NET works perfectly well on all web browsers such as Netscape Navigator, Internet Explorer and Opera.

ASP.Net is a major support tool , It is actually simple to merge the complete power of ASP.NET with the help of any text editor including Notepad. It is basically easy to actually design ASP.NET web forms by making use of popular techniques like drag down and double-click and also users can get the advantage of the whole codes which include statement completion and color coding.

ASP.NET gives the capability to serve additional users with the same hardware. It actually helps maximize performance and scalability. Unlike the classic ASP,the ASP.NET is faster and also preserving the "just hit save" update model of ASP. This technology doesn't need any explicit compilation step. ASP.NET will explore and point out every single change automatically, it basically compiles the file whenever required at the same time hoard the compiled output for reusing it for a consequent requests. The dynamic compilation ensures that the application is up to date all-time, in additional a well compiled execution makes it quick.

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