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             14 May, 2021

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Five Ways to Help a Child Cope With the Loss of a Parent

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2008-08-20 08:04:06     
Article by Julia Sorensen

1. Allow the child to regress. Know that many children will regress in their behavior when they are experiencing the loss of a parent. Children may begin bedwetting behavior and thumb sucking. It is important to recognize and allow the child to exhibit this behavior for a time.

2. Encourage them to express their feelings. Children might find it difficult to express their feelings with the parent that remains. If the loss is through divorce they might feel as though they are betraying the parent that remains by expressing their feelings of sadness over the missing parent. They may also sense their parent's sadness and not wish to add to the problem. It is important that they understand that they are free to let their feelings out.

3. Help them to express their grief creatively. Writing is one way that an older child might be able to express their feelings in a creative manner. Younger children could be encouraged to draw. Anything that lets the feelings out in a creative manner instead of an acting out manner.

4. Seek family counseling if you are unable to give your child the support that he or she needs. It can be difficult for parents who are also experiencing grief to help their children through the mourning process. Family counseling can provide a safe place to express feelings of sadness and longing for the missing parent.

5. Speak with your child's school during this time. They will be having a difficult time concentrating on their schoolwork and might need a little help with their workload at school. If you explain to the school what your child is going through they may be able to lighten the burden a bit and give your child enough time to get through their pain.

Remember that children will not experience a loss in the same way that adults will. It is important for parents to seek information on how a child experiences grief and work through the pain with their child. Experiencing a loss at a young age is probably one of the most difficult things your child is likely to face. But if you help them with the grief you will be teaching them coping skills that they will rely on for the rest of their life. These are skills that every adult needs to manage the losses that are faced as adults. Preparing a child to deal with loss, as they grow older is one of the many duties that a parent has.

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Julia Sorensen is the author of "Overcoming Loss Stories and Activities to Help Children Transform Grief and Loss" Published by Jessica Kingsley Publishers:

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