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             23 May, 2022

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Grieving Families

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2008-08-19 08:52:29     
Article by Julia Sorensen

Families who are dealing with grief should enter some sort of family counseling. Everyone experiences grief in their own unique way and will need some sort of help in dealing with the loss. Children who are suffering from a loss of a parent will need help in processing their grief. Other members of the family may not be able to help the child because of their own grieving. A counselor is the best choice for families in this situation.

Children must find a way to express their feelings in a healthy manner or they will begin to act out. They must understand that acting out is not a healthy way to express how they are feeling and must be given options for their expression. There will also need to be some semblance of structure in the family for the children. Children need a predictable and stable environment to deal with their loss.

It is also important that every member of the family respect each other's unique way of grieving. Not every member of the family is going to experience a loss in the same way. Some people are very private about their grief and go through the process in an intellectual and thinking way, while other members of the family may be more emotional and open about what they are feeling. Respecting each other's way of coping will avoid hurt feelings.

The structure of the family is going to change after a loss and that must be dealt with as well. It is important that someone else picks up the roles that were once handled by the family member who has died. This can be very difficult for families to accomplish. Not only does it make the situation more real for everyone, but also it is a constant reminder of the member that is gone.

Family counseling is the best option for families who are dealing with a loss. Families need an outlet for their feelings and to learn a way to communicate with each other while they are experiencing their loss. It is also a good place for parents to learn how they can help their children deal with the loss. Parents who are left behind want to help their children, but may not know how to do it.

A family that is in grief is experiencing something that not everyone will understand. Information is crucial to accepting and understanding the different ways that everyone feels grief.

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