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             26 November, 2020

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Power of Now

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2008-08-13 23:15:30     
Article by Mark Tewart

The intention of goal setting is to look toward the future and think of and plan for what you desire. Goals provide hope. My definition of hope is "Having Optimistic Predictions & Emotions." However, goals can create your biggest stumbling block to getting what you desire.

Ralph Waldo Emerson said, "The only thing that will grow is that which you give energy to." To focus your mind on what you desire is great. Concentrate on the why? "When the why gets strong the how gets easy."

The Law of Attraction will bring to you what you think about. Your thoughts are impressed into your subconscious mind. "What you impress, you express." All thoughts and actions will attract similar people and events that support your thought and action patterns. The Law of Attraction is an irrefutable universal law, supported by Meta-Physics and Quantum Physics.

Failure in goal setting comes in trying to get something rather than attracting it. Usually the obstacles anticipated when plotting to get something, rather than asking why you want it, create subconscious messages of struggle and difficulty. A person with the best of intentions can quickly tire of struggling and quit. This let down begins a pattern in the subconscious: struggle, frustration and failure. Reasons to lower standards or to quit can become a reality.

True power comes from knowing "you are who you decide to be at any given moment." It doesn't require jumping hurdles; it only takes deciding to become the person you desire. At that moment, by not seeing the how-to hurdles as obstacles, you will begin to think, act and become your desires. You may not know exactly how and when this is occurring, but you must trust that it is.

The root of the word "decide" means "to cut off." Thus, to decide is to cut off from all other possibilities. This decision for your desires will propel your actions toward a much higher level. The people who succeed at such levels operate at greater consciousness than people who do not.

Understanding the power and process of your mind helps create exactly what you desire. Set goals and focus on what you want to happen, which will put into motion the energy, and through the Law of Attraction, will bring to you the people, things and events to match that energy.

The key to getting what you want is realizing the power of now. To get what you desire for the future, you must realize and accept that the creation and cultivation of your desire is this very moment. Decide, accept and act with the power of now.

Mark Tewart - Speaker, Consultant and Author of "How To Be A Sales Superstar: Break All the Rules and Succeed While Doing It" published by Wiley - Order a copy now at http://marktewart.com

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