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             27 October, 2020

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3 Tactics How to Set Powerful Goals That Drive You Into Action

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2008-08-13 08:25:57     
Article by Shawn Lim

A lot of people wanted to be successful, but most of them fail to achieve what they want in the end. Why is this so? One of the common reasons is that they do not know how to set powerful, effective and inspiring goals. If there is one thing that can bring you the success you want, it is goal setting.

You have to master this skill; it is a very vital process if you want to achieve your goals. You need to learn how to set powerful goals that will drive you into taking action, right away. Below are 3 tactics that you can use to set powerful goals:

1. Be clear, specific and have a deadline for your goals. I believe you know about this because this is the basics of goal setting. However, many people are not specific enough in their goals; some even don't have a deadline for their goals. If your goals are not specific enough, you are sending blurry message to your mind, as a result, you are unclear of what you want and how you can achieve it.

2. Set stretch and big goals. Your goals must be big and it must be a stretch goal. What I mean here is that, your goals must not be an incremental goal like if you are earning $1,000 right now, you set your goal as to earn $1,200. This is an incremental goal. A stretch goal is a goal that you cannot achieve with normal strategies that you use everyday. A stretch goal is something that will force you to think out of your box in order to achieve it. If you are currently earning $1,000, then an example of stretch goal will be to earn $5,000. You have to force yourself to think creatively and take different strategies to achieve your goals.

3. Least but not last, write down your goals and paste them anywhere you can see them often. You need to do this if you are serious. However, this is what most people will never do, they just dream about what they want and they set their goals in their mind. They never have written their goals down. That is why they fail to achieve their goals because the goals remain as dreams. A goal without written down will remain dreams. You have to constantly remind yourself of what you have to do that is why you have to paste your goals anywhere. The key here is the habit, what goals you set are not important.

These are the 3 tactics that can help you to set powerful goals that can drive you into action immediately. Remember, your goals must be clear, specific, have deadline, must be interesting and you have to write them down.

This article is written by Shawn Lim, someone who constantly pursue wealth and success. You can visit his blog here for more success and wealth creation tips.

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