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             26 October, 2020

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See the Future Before it Happens - Make it Your Way

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2008-08-12 07:53:30     
Article by Cody Butler

Most of us by now are very familiar with the Law of Attraction and what we have been told it can do for us. The problem is not nearly enough of us are getting the results we desire. This for the most part can be explained very easily. We are missing the magic ingredient.

It simply isn't enough to merely know what it is that we want, although this is the first step. Nor is it enough to hold this vision in our minds, although again, this is necessary. No, we need more, we need to add one more step to the process.

We must act upon the physical world. Once we know what we want and we have the vision, we must then act upon this vision. This is where almost all fail. We simply think that what we desire will manifest itself in its finished form. Sadly this isn't how it works. No, we have a very real role to play in the physical creation of our vision.

Think for a moment, we are dealing with a natural law here, what in nature ever showed up in its finished form? Nothing is the answer. Everything started as a seed or such and grew, over time, into its finished shape. The Law of Attraction is the same. Our visualizations are no more than seeds, we must then take those seeds and plant them ourselves. The miracle then occurs at this point here. How a seed turns into a tree is not known, what is know is that the seed will not grow unless we plant it.

As you can see hopefully, more is needed than simply visualization. Don't view the whole process as be magical and mysterious, although in some ways it is. View it at being practical and pragmatic, where we have a very definite role to play. If we do this, we will succeed.

So here is the first step to successful action. Be realistic in your action, but ambitious. We want to take an action that progresses us towards our ultimate goal while at the same time providing a feeling of success. This is very important. If we set a task that is unrealistic and we fail, then we will have added thoughts of failure to our mind, this will produce more failure. If we set a simple task and succeed, then we mix a feeling of success with our vision, drastically improving our chances of over all success.

Take steps every day towards your vision, no matter how small or insignificant they seem. They all add up. Do this and you will succeed. If every action you take moves you towards your goal, and no actions move you away, you simply must succeed sooner or later. You cannot fail.

Action, action, action. This is what separates the winners in life from the losers. Don't worry about falling down, it doesn't matter. If you fall down simply get up again and go on. This is what winners do. All in life deal with set backs and disappointment. Don't be afraid, take action anyway.

This is how you will ultimately win with the Law of Attraction, this is how you will get what you want out of life.

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