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Life Coaching, Frequently Asked Questions

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2008-08-11 08:19:04     
Article by Sharon C Frith

Q- Why should I be interested in life coaching?

A- If you have difficulty in setting or reaching goals in your life or feel like you constantly make the same choices in life, life coaching is for you. life coaching will help you to find and correct the issues you are facing in your personal or business lives. You may also want to work with a life coach if you are facing a life changing situation and want additional support during the time.

Q- What exactly does the term life coaching mean?

A- life coaching or life coaching is a process an individual can take to work toward pre-determined goals. life coaching is usually done one-on-one between the person who has a desire to improve their skills and a coach.

Q- What type of person needs life coaching?

A- Anyone can use life coaching, everyone has goals in our lives. Sometimes to achieve a goal we need assistant and that is where a life coach can and will assist. life coaches guide you to meet your goals by offering an impartial opinion and accountability.

Q- Are there advantages to using a life coach?

A- The advantages of using a life coach are numerous and will vary from person to person. A life coach can assist a person is understanding themselves and their situations better. A life coach can work with you to improve your interpersonal relations or make a decision you have been unable to work through by yourself. life coaching can and will increase your insight into any aspect of your personal or professional life that you allow your life coach into.

Q- Why are there so many life coaches in the industry now?

A- life coaching as a business has grown in the past several years because humans are facing new challenges in their personal and professional lives. life coaches has discovered a need to help people reach their goals. The world and society is changing and life coaching is designed to help each individual fit into this new world easily and with as little frustration as possible.

The best way to determine if life coaching is for you and how it can benefit your life, search out a life coaches in your area and ask for an initial meeting. Interview potential life coaches and discuss what services they can offer to assist you with your goals, transitions, and issues. Take the time during the first meeting to learn about your life coach and their life coaching style. You can also get an answer to any questions you have about the life coaching process and what life coaching can do for you.


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