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             28 January, 2021

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First Class Ticket by Ann Marie Zakos - Book Review

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2008-08-05 06:35:32     
Article by Heather Froeschl

There are no coincidences. We come face to face with life lessons every day and can grow from them if only we choose to. Ann Marie Zakos reminds us of this in her fantastic work of fiction, "First Class Ticket." Philosophy should be this fun and enlightening for all of us!

Madison is upset when she learns that she has to squeeze a philosophy class into her busy college schedule. What's worse is that it ends up being an early morning class and she doesn't know anyone else who is taking it. The teacher is somewhat mysterious and on the first day he gives an assignment to learn nine truths within a week. These truths are printed on cards in an envelope, but are written in a way that is not truly understandable until a guide helps them to figure it out. The trick is that the students can't seek out their guides; the guides must come to them. The kids are grouped into experience partners and as luck would have it (no such thing...) Madison is grouped with two partners instead of one. Brian is a lighthearted happy young man, while Diana is somewhat his opposite. Together the three must uncover what these truths could possibly mean to them. Along the way, a remarkable thing occurs - friendship of the deepest kind.

The truths will affect these three friends in life changing ways and the process of discovering them is somewhat miraculous from their point of view. Strangers come up to them and engage in philosophical conversations, guiding them toward understanding. What's more is that you as the reader will come to these understandings too. Like Madison, you might learn to draw energy and give it back to those around you, change your perspective from negative to positive, and develop your inner strength through thought and meditation. Like Diana, you might learn to trust your instincts. And like Brian, you might learn that you are already on the right path.

This story is much like a fable, where characters learn a lesson and teach it to us as well. But it is some much more as a delightful work of fiction and is rich with many messages of growth. The cast is lovable and endearing, making you wish you could be at that campus and taking that class. The writing is tight and well executed. The descriptive imagery is nicely done and evokes the feel of the campus quad, freshly cut grass, sandy beach, and an energetic college baseball game. This book is for readers of all ages, from high school to grandparents, for we all could do to learn a thing or two and reading for enjoyment knows no age. I highly recommend "First Class Ticket," for, "adventure lights the path to spiritual development."

First Class Ticket

by Ann Marie Zakos

ISBN-10: 0976452332

Review by Heather Froeschl

Heather Froeschl is an author, award winning editor, and book reviewer, at http://www.Quilldipper.com and http://www.Bookideas.com.

Specialized in: Editing - Editor - Write - Quill
URL: http://www.quilldipper.com
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