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             31 October, 2020

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"Chew on Things" by Iris Bell

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2008-08-04 05:07:22     
Article by Irene Watson

As a canine lover the subtitle of the book caught my eye and even more so that the words of wisdom are being "told to" the author, Dr. Iris Bell. Knowing dogs are extremely wise, I was excited to read this book.

In the foreword, Casey B. Worrywart, Dogtor of Philosophy, explains that he sees himself as a "soulful fellow" and wants to share what he has learned while watching, worrying, thinking, and doing things. The author qualifies Casey being a special dog. He was an eccentric wheaten terrier, who lived to be 14 ½ years old, which became a true friend. Now, Bell shares Casey's philosophy with the reading audience.

The book starts out with a short blurb about Casey starting out as a puppy and being nervous. He says "Mom [Iris Bell] had to help me get over my fears of rocks little by little in the narrow wash bed of rocks that went across the middle of our backyard. Eventually I felt safe enough to run all over the yard. But you can't run free until you can jump over the wash, over hurdles.... Important lesson: 1.) Life has hurdles - make them as scary as you need to so that you have something important to overcome, but...2) Don't eat your way through them." Now, that's a wise puppy! This is just the beginning. The rest of the book has wise, touching, and even some funny, quotes from Casey. And, on each opposite page there is a picture of Casey.

"Chew on Things - It Helps You Think" is a great coffee table book, or a book to give to a friend and, of course, a canine lover. Casey is a metaphor for our own lives and the words of wisdom that come from him remind us that life can be a joy, and as he says "Don't let anyone stop you once you have your sights set on where you want to go."


Chew on Things - It Helps You Think: Words of Wisdom from a Worried Canine
by Iris Bell
Creative Bookworm Press (2007)
ISBN 9780979165320
Reviewed by Irene Watson for Reader Views (4/07)

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