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Learn Spanish Language Online Fast With Interactive Audio

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2008-08-03 07:51:31     
Article by Jorge Chavez

Spanish is arguably the third most-spoken language in the world, and the second most-spoken language in the U.S.A. This popularity and the fact that Spanish is relatively easy for English speakers to learn make it a very popular second language of choice.

Spanish is a "Romance" language, derived from Latin. English was heavily influenced by Latin. So when you learn the Spanish language, there are many words that are very similar and some that are identical.

For example, 'Actor' and 'Doctor' have the same meaning and spelling in English and in Spanish. The only difference is that in English you say 'AC-tor' and 'DOC-tor', while in Spanish you say ac-TOR and Doc-TOR.

The best way to learn the Spanish language is conversational. The same way you first learned English. You learn a few words, then practice using them in their proper context. Ever talk to a six or seven-year old child? He or she cannot yet read or write but nevertheless speaks pretty good English!

With interactive audio you do more than "say after me". You are asked questions which you must answer in Spanish. You take part in interactive conversations, actually using Spanish to express yourself. You don't waste time conjugating verbs or memorizing vocabulary.

[How old were you when you learned the word "conjugation"?! I'll bet you spoke pretty good English before you even knew what "conjugating verbs and memorizing vocabulary" meant! Those are refinements for later.]

Recorded audio lessons have several advantages. For one they normally use excellent native speakers to make the recordings, so you learn the pronunciation right the first time. For another you can offload the 'learn Spanish language' lessons to your portable audio devices and take them with you anywhere.

So you can choose the time, place and speed of your lessons. Go as fast or as slow as you want. Save time by multitasking and listening to Spanish lessons while you are walking, running, driving or doing household chores. You could even be learning Spanish on the plane to Mexico, or in your hotel after you arrive!

Since you are dealing with digital media, you can buy a course online, download it and start learning immediately. There is no delay. Also the costs are less. You are saving trees and not paying for paper, printing, inventory and transportation costs. $100 will put a complete, in-depth course in your hands.

$40 to $50 will get you a fast-learning "crash course" to learn the Spanish language. That will give you basic conversational Spanish and the ability to communicate, to understand and make yourself understood, in most normal situations.

It's easy and very worthwhile to learn the Spanish language. At least learn enough so that you can speak with your neighbors and handle simple conversations. For more info and details, check out the links below...

For the best in-depth way to learn Spanish easy and speak it like a native, visit: Learn Spanish Language Easy
To learn more about learning Spanish basics, rapidly, easily and economically, visit: Learn Spanish Language Online
Jorge Chavez is an internet entrepreneur and marketer. He began to learn Spanish after he was 30, now is bilingual English-Spanish. He has monolingual friends, relatives and clients who only speak Spanish and others who only speak English.

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