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             24 January, 2021

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Homeschooling Using Community Resources

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2008-07-31 08:22:13     
Article by Heidi Johnson

Many homeschoolers depend on community resources for some of their learning especially if they use and unschooling or unit study model of learning. They say that the more senses you use to learn something, the more likely you are to remember what you are learning. Interacting with a person or seeing something demonstrated in person certainly adds to any learning environment. Here are a few ideas that you can use that you may have never thought of before:

1. Local industry - Some factories give tours or offer internships to students.

2. Public or private schools - Some schools offer classes or special services to homeschoolers. Public schools are more likely to provide free classes.

3. Experts in your area - Many local experts will offer lectures, private lessons or apprenticeships to students just to see their trade carried on to the next generation.

4. Bookstores - Take advantage of free workshops, book signings, and readings. Meeting a real author can inspire your child to pursue writing as a hobby or even a career.

5. Athletic leagues - Seasonal leagues and coaching opportunities are available in almost any area. Your teenager may enjoy volunteering their time to help younger children enjoy the sport they love.

6. Specialty Stores - Many offer workshops and demonstrations for free or a small fee to get people to come into their stores.

7. Church - Your church can offer drama, ministry opportunities, choirs, and bands that your child can participate in. If they don't offer them, then maybe your family can put one together.

8. Museums or Historical Sites in your area. This may be obvious, but worth mentioning. Are there any attractions that people come from a distance to see? Have you taken your children there yet?

9. State Parks, Nature Centers, Bird Sanctuaries, and Zoos are great places to visit.

10. Government agencies - Your state representative should have staff that would be more happy to take you on a tour of your state capital. Also, don't count out your local police and fire station, county or state agencies in the area.

11. Local Colleges and Universities offering courses, tutoring, library use, and special programs.

12. Special Interest Groups - You may have a scrapbooking, bird watching, stamp collecting, history, or other group that would be willing to mentor your child or at least give a demonstration of their craft or interest.

Homeschoolers have the ability to take advantage of the many resources listed, sometimes to a greater degree than public or private school students. Keep your eyes and ears open to many interesting opportunities your child can experience right in your own town or neighborhood.

For more tips on homeschooling, grab your free report "How to Homeschool using the Best Resources" at http://www.homeschool-how-to.com Heidi Johnson specializes in helping families find resources to simplify and improve their lives.

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