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             01 December, 2023

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Many Green Promoters, Eco-Friendly Spokesmen, and Environmentalists Are Hypocrites

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2008-07-29 07:10:16     
Article by Lance Winslow

On the FBI's Domestic Terrorist watch lists are several environmentalist groups. One is called ELF - Environmental Liberation Front and it is known for setting fires to luxury homes, hummer car dealerships, lumber yards and numerous type terrorist activities. Of course, not only is this criminal but it is also complete hypocrisy.

For instance, how can someone tell us they are worried about CO2 in the atmosphere and global warming and then set fire to a Car Dealership with automobiles made of steel, rubber and all sorts of combustible material that gives off toxic fumes? Polluting the very air, that they have set out to protect.

But the eco-terrorists are not the only ones we should be worried about. Right here in the Valley are those who promote all sorts of schemes under the auspice of eco-friendly, when in reality they are no solution at all, rather they will only lead to worse unintended consequences in the future, hurting our society and civilization.

Often environmentalists will attack new building projects in the Valley, stating that the buildings are too high or have too high density. Yet, by using such strategies, fewer resources are used in building them, maintaining them or living in them. This is because shared walls reduce energy consumption and mixed use projects where everything is close encourage walking and decrease automobile use.

Still, the environmentalists attack, suing on behalf of a rare breed of mosquito or rat. Perhaps those who promote green trade shows or speak on behalf of green technology in the Valley ought to be careful who they associate with, what types of green solutions they promote and become aware of their own hypocrisy.

Personally, I am for alternative energy where it makes sense, I believe in solar, wind, geo-thermal and array of innovative opportunities in transportation, but I am vehemently opposed to Eco-Terrorists and anyone who might condone that sort of activity or associate with such individuals or groups.

I ask the environmentalists in this Valley if they can say the same? I question their belief systems, reality based thinking and their comments on this website, blogs and in the public domain. It's time to come clean and that means you Mr. Green. Show me!

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