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Baby Swimming Lessons

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2008-07-27 07:29:04     
Article by Toby Huseman

Growing Accustomed to the Water at a Young Age

Humans are the only mammals that lack the instinctive ability to swim. This is why is it very important to introduce swimming at a very young age with baby swimming lessons, so that children grow up learning how to swim. This is beneficial from a safety standpoint in addition to enjoyment and fitness purposes.

Before enrolling any youngster in baby swimming lessons, the child should be as accustomed to the water as possible. One way to prepare children for baby swimming lessons is at home in the bathtub by pouring small amounts of warm, non soapy water over the child's head so that it trickles down the face. Incorporating toys into bath time also helps build position associations with being in the water that can transfer over to the swimming pool.

Starting 'em Young

The best time to start a child in baby swimming lessons is between six and twelve months old, because the water still has some of the natural associations of being in the womb. Some mothers choose to start baby swimming lessons as early as twelve weeks while others wait until their babies are about 18 months old. After this time, it can be more difficult for a child to learn water adjustment and breath control.

While swim diapers aren't required in all swimming pools, they are a good idea for baby swimming lessons to avoid any accidents in the water. Babies over the age of one may also benefit from water wings to help stay afloat.

Before starting baby swimming lessons, visit the pool during non-peak hours a couple of times to allow the baby a chance to get accustomed to the water. Some pools hold weekly "parent and baby" swimming sessions reserved specifically for this purpose. Always maintain eye contact when first entering the water, and hold the baby close to make them feel relaxed and confident. As their confidence increases, move the baby around slowly in the water to ease them into the feeling of swimming.

Toys, Songs, and Bubbles

Here are some other great tips for making the pool a fun and enjoyable experience for babies. Try bringing some of the baby's bath toys to the pool to demonstrate that the water is essentially the same. Once the baby has a feel for the pool, toss one of the toys a few feet and hold them as they glide through the water to retrieve it. Or, try laying the baby down on their back and holding them up while they their legs.

Some parents like to sing songs like "Humpty Dumpty" while the baby sits on the edge of the pool. When the song comes to the line "Humpty Dumpty had a great fall", lift the baby up and down into the water with a big splash!

Once they become accustomed to the feeling of having water on their face, children love to learn how to blow bubbles. Blowing bubbles is a great first step in learning how to swim since it is impossible to inhale water while bubbles are being blown.

About The Author

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