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             10 June, 2023

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PassBack Football - Product Review

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2008-07-23 05:32:03     
Article by Andrew Berkey

Why is the PassBack Football the focus of this product review? Because it is football training equipment that is designed as a quarterback training aid helping quarterbacks improve their passing skills. Receivers and defensive backs can use this football training aid to develop better catching skills, in simple words, the PassBack football works.

What is the Passback Football? It is a regular size football cut in half just past the middle of the ball. The cut half has a solid rubber covering. When the football is thrown against a flat surface like a wall, the ball comes right back to the passer.

How is PassBack Football a quarterbacks training aid? Easy, more reps. A quarterback can practice his grip and pass delivery up to 20 reps per minute. Catching the ball on the rebound develops stronger fingers, stronger fingers means more ball control.

Since there are no elastic cords needed to retrieve the ball the PassBack Football is user friendly and at only $29.99 very affordable.

How is PassBack Football a receivers training aid? Until now, football receivers needed work out partners to throw passes. Not with the PassBack football. Now all a receiver needs is this football training equipment and a large flat wall. Receivers can take up to 20 catches per minute, focusing on developing soft hands, catching the ball with fingers. Passing the ball at different angles and speeds gives receivers more diversified workouts, making it easier for receivers to practice that one handed catch.

Linebackers and defensive backs need to develop soft hands and good reactions to make those interceptions. The PassBack Football is the ideal football training aid for practicing catching and getting more picks.

In conclusion I find this product to be both functional and affordable, living up to its billing. Is the PassBack Football the training aid for you? Use the following link, view the video and decide for yourself. http://scoretouchdowns.com/pro1364193.html

Andrew Berkey

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