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             10 June, 2023

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How Do You Fight With Bike Rust?

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2008-07-18 21:52:14     
Article by Markus Skupeika

What do you do when you pull the rear brake lever to stop your bike and it does not work at all? I know what you are thinking - there might be something wrong in the pads or lever and break just failed. This is a very common occurrence. However, often we see, especially when the bike is left unused for a season that breaks are not working although the pads, lever or cable routing is imperfect condition.

This often leaves bikers in a puzzled situation - they actually can not figure out what is going wrong with the breaks! The problem is that you have checked things in the surface level and found everything in the perfect condition.

The cable routing looked perfect from outside but it actually acquired lots of rusts inside and that actually chocked the route for the break to work perfectly. In such a situation you do not have much to do but to replace the routing cable with a new one. Grease or Oil will not help you to get the cable routing back to work. You may also need to replace the break cable with a new one. However, it is always recommend to change the cable as rusts from cable may spread into the new routing and the same problem will turn back.

But why did it actually happen? Perhaps rain water or moist got stuck in the cable routing and it eventually got rusted.

This is not about the cable routing alone. The same problem may occur in any other part of your bike. Especially if you live in a moist or salty condition or drive through muddy places, your bike is bound to get rusted soon.

In case of the routing cables, you could do well by replacing them. But what would you have done if the frames got rusted? Replacing the whole frame is obviously not a natural solution unless you are using a cheap and old store front bike.

In these situations you would need to clean the bike with some rust products or other methods. So, what is the best way to clean rust from a bike?

People try different ways to keep their bike rust free. Some people would recommend using WD-40 while most of the seasoned bikers would like to go for some organic rust removers. At the same time you would find a lot of bikers who are quite happy with steel wool and lubricant to fight with rust.

The most user friendly and lasting solution is using some multipurpose organic rust removers to clean your bike's rust regularly. You would easily find some organic metal rust cleaners where you won't even need to scrub out rusts. All you need to do is to dip the parts in the cleaner and it would remove rusts automatically.

These cleaners are especially great to clean rust from unreachable corners like the inside of a frame. At the same time you can use these cleaners for regular cleaning and it is the best way to keep your bike rust free and healthy for a long time.

Whatever cleaner you use, make sure that it is organic in nature. Toxic cleaners may cause harm to your body. And after cleaning the rusts properly, do not forget to use lubricants or color (in the surface) to keep your bike rust free for a longer time.

Click to know more about how you may keep your bike rust free using organic rust removers and other rust products.

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