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             02 December, 2020

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Petite Teenager - The Problems

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2010-06-15 04:17:15     
Article by Emma Gibson

It is very difficult to be a petite teenager. This is, in fact, one of the most difficult things a teenager can experience. During the teen years, it is very important for teenagers to feel as "grown up" as possible. If you look like a 12 year old, and you are actually 16, it can be a very trying time.

Just think back to when you were anywhere from 15 - 17 years old. One of the most important things to you was probably being able to wear make up and alluring clothes. You wanted nothing more than to look grown up and pretty. Now imagine that, instead of being able to buy your clothes in the junior or misses department, you had to shop in the children's section. This would most likely have been rather devastating for you.

It may seem odd that girls would mind being a petite teenager, but they do. They mind it a lot. In their heads, boys are not going to be looking at them as much as their more well developed friends, if they look at all. This is very disheartening and depressing to a young girl who wants so much be thought of as a beautiful young woman.

Now, as bad as it is for girls to be small, that is magnified many times for boys who are smaller than average. Boys feel the need early in life to be men. When they hit their teenage years, this need is even more important. They want to be involved with sports, or at least be able to hold their own with the jocks. To be a boy, and to be considered a petite teenager, is the kiss of death for a young man's social life.

The big issue becomes what to do to help your smaller than average teenager. It is a bit easier to help your petite daughter than your son. With a girl, you can always let her pick out her own patterns and material that the two of you can sew together. This will help her feel more in tune with the fashions her friends are wearing. Buying shoes with a bit of heel on them can add a couple of inches to her height. The right amount of make up will make her look a little closer to her true age.

For your son who is a petite teenager, there is really nothing that is going to make him look older. You can try making sure that his clothes are as close to what his friends are wearing as possible, and maybe buy him some shoes that will make him appear a bit taller. If he is lucky, he will at least have a decent amount of facial hair. That can make him appear closer to his true age.

It's about confidence building more than anything else. If you can find a way to enhance the talents of your petite teenager, it could make all the difference in the world.

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