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             08 February, 2023

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How to Keep Your Bike Rust Free!

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2008-07-18 21:51:36     
Article by Markus Skupeika

You cannot keep your bicycle away from rust unless you stop riding it completely. At the same time, there is no guarantee that if you stop using the bike it will not get rusted. And just to add to this ridiculous thought, there is no point in buying a bike if you do not use it in fear of rusts.

The situation is normal and simple - your bike will often develop rust and you would need to remove rusts as frequently as possible. And if you live in a moist or salty condition, you would need to follow the process more often.

However, if you like your bike and want it to offer you great service for a long period, you must keep it clean as often as possible. Now, how much cleaning is needed, depends on the metal. For example, if your bike has aluminum or titanium in the frames, it requires much less care than a steel frame. And at the same time steel is considered to be the best frame metal for a bicycle. And if you are suing steel frame in your bike, it requires some cleaning and care often. And there is no alternative to keeping your bike rust free other than regular cleaning.

People often make a great mistake in case of a new bike. They think that as the bike is quite new, it does not require much care. But in reality, once your bike starts getting rust, it will keep coming back. And thus the best solution is clean it up and keep it almost new for longer period.

How to clean your bike?

It depends on how much time you have to clean the bike. The best way is to wipe the bike clean with soft cotton after every ride. You may like to use some liquid cleaner (you can easily find some multipurpose organic rust removers in the market) to easily clean the bike. The process will not take you more than five minutes but keep your bike rust free for long.

Apart from regular cleaning you must reserve some time once in every six months to thoroughly clean the bike. This is important if you are a regular biker. However, if you are regularly cleaning your bike, the process will not take you long.

In this process, you would need to remove all the parts of the bike for a proper cleaning. For example, you would need to remove seat post, bottom bracket and cranks; if necessary, you may also remove the forks.

Now you would need to clean these parts separately with rust removers or WD-40. If you have already bought some liquid rust cleaner for regular use, you can use that for rust treatment and to clean the interior of your bike's frame. In the mean time, dip the chain in the rust cleaner to clean it properly.

When things are cleaned properly, you would need to wipe them dry and oil every part with lubricant or grease before reinstalling. Most of the seasoned bikers do not use or advice WD-40 to lubricate bike parts - especially the chain. You can easily find some chain lubricants in a nearby store to use in the chains.

In the process try to fix other problems in the bike like fixing the break pads, replacing spokes and other necessary things that need immediate care.

Now reinstall all the parts and start riding to your heart' content.

Click to know more about best rust treatment solutions with proper rust removers.

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