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ID Theft Victim?

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2008-07-17 04:51:09     
Article by Laurie Zoock

If you are a victim of ID theft, it it imperative that you call the 3 credit bureaus immediately to place a fraud alert on your file through this number: 1-800-680-7289

Once you have called, you will need a real police report (not the online version as Experian will not accept this) Bring your credit reports with you and insist on a MISC ITEMS report if they give you a difficult time.

Go to the FTC's website you can download and print the ID Theft affidavits, which you will need to have notarized. Include a copy of your credit reports and 2 forms of ID, one with photo, and the police report. Also include a cover letter explaining your situation.Send to each bureau separately via certified return receipt mail(Attn: Fraud Dept).

701 Experian Parkway
Allen, TX 75013

1550 Peachtree Street NW
Atlanta, GA 30309

2 Baldwin Place
Chester, PA 19022

Make sure you keep a copy of everything in your files. They have 30 days to respond and should block your accounts. Once you get your reports, review that all information is corrected. If not, resend with a new letter and circle the items still appearing on your reports and request a re-investigation immediately. On items not corrected, you may also send a copy of the police report and theft affidavit to each company directly. Be sure to reference the account number on your report.

You can also put a security freeze on your reports with the bureaus.

Laurie Zoock, Consumer Credit Advocate and Credit Specialist
RestoreYourScore911, LLC
Credit Crunch Crises Columnist, Dunndeal Publications
Contact Info:

Specialized in: Id - Theft - Victim
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