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2008-07-16 06:58:46     
Article by Keith carey

Max International: A Foundation of Integrity

Max International was founded by dedicated and successful entrepreneurs and executives who have a vision. After meeting with Dr. Robert H. Keller developer of the MaxGXL product and learning about GXL they knew this was a product that everyone needed.

For More Information,

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Keith Carey - 818-510-4456


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MAX International...

They also believe the best way to help people experience the benefits of MaxGXL is through Network Marketing. When you have a life changing product you want to get the word out and get it out fast. Network Marketing is the perfect vehicle. They feel strongly this product doesn't belong on a shelf in a pharmacy. They also recognize how Network Marketing allows individuals to change their lives financially. So they've combined a great product with a great business plan to form Max International.

The Founders have expertise in marketing, research and development, and business management. Combining these skills with impeccable integrity and principled leadership makes Max the envy of the industry. At Max they know potential when they see it, and they know how to achieve success, making it no surprise that Max International is the brightest rising star in Network Marketing today.
Max International's Mission...

Max International is dedicated to improving both the physical and financial lives of individuals all over the world. We accomplish this by providing products that are proven by science to be beneficial. With the Max business opportunity, Associates have lucrative compensation plans and Associate support that is unmatched. Our goal is to provide our Associate A Better Way of Life physically and financially!

MAX International Purpose

"We help people discover their unique path and empower them to turn their dreams into reality."

MAX International Credo

* At Max, we genuinely care about helping people. We want to build an extraordinary company at makes a positive difference in the lives of people throughout the world.

* We believe that people can improve the course of their lives by adopting and living by truth; therefore we feel a responsibility to search for, live by, and teach correct principles.

* We believe that our products improve people's quality of life. We are dedicated to bringing  products to market that have science-based research, high manufacturing standards, and case studies that confirm that the products work.

* We believe in the principles of free enterprise, and that people should be paid well for their efforts.

Why Choose Max International?...

* Seasoned Executive Team
* Visionary Leadership
* Experience in the Direct Marketing Industry
* Experience delivering quality products to international markets
* Passion for People Helping People
* Experience helping people succeed in the home-based business industries
* Products that work

What's So Great About The (MLM) (MAXGXL) Pay Plan?

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Have you ever wondered why over 13 million people are involved with Network Marketing, why they love it and how they are making.

Well Network Marketers know there are two kinds of people in this world. The first are the kind of people that will spend their whole life building someone else's business. The second are those who spend their life building their own business. Get the picture?

They do! We at Max International believe, life should be lived to the fullest by accomplishing your dreams and spending your time how you want to spend it. With Max you can do just that. You will have the freedom to take control of your future. You are your boss, you make the rules, you choose your hours and you make it happen.
Your opportunity with Max is unparalleled in the industry...

Max gives you one of the most lucrative compensation plans in the industry with an incomparable product that makes a dramatic difference in the lives of others. Max offers an easy, low-risk plan with very modest start-up costs designed to make you money and ensure a better life. Let Max International provide your path to health and wealth.

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