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             23 January, 2021

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Google AdWords For Network Marketing - Low Cost Vs Expensive Keywords

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2008-07-13 08:37:49     
Article by Ferny Ceballos

Someone today asked me a question about whether she should stick to using low traffic keywords, which are cheap OR bid on the higher traffic and expensive keywords.

If you had the opportunity to listen to the live call we did with Jim last week about Mastering AdWords while on a Budget, the answer would have been clear. The cheapest keywords are also the most targeted. And they won't necessarily be high traffic keywords, but you'll get some decent traffic. Using the names of up and coming "gurus" is a great source of keywords, which also produces targeted traffic and has low competition.

You can also use the names of established gurus, but those keywords may have more competition so it might be tough for a newbie, but perfect for an intermediate AdWords marketer. However, when using people's names you gotta learn to turn the corner and have something relevant to the "guru" in your ad and landing page. If you don't do this, Google will slap you like a red-headed step child.

Here's an example:

There's an up and comer who's name I bid on. He gets me about 2 clicks per day, which is about 60 clicks per month. The CPC is $0.02! Not a ton of traffic but it converts into leads really well. When someone is doing research on a guru or product, that is because they are considering buying a product for the training, but want to do their due diligence.

If you can catch someone while they are in this process and turn their attention to you, then you got a solid lead and he's a buyer.

Simply put, these people doing their research are not necessarily looking for a particular product or information on a guru. They are looking for training. If you can reassure them that the training you are providing is what they are looking for, the sale is done. This is why direct mail marketers rent lists of customers of similar products. A list of customers have proven that:

1) They are willing to invest money to find what they need.

2) They are actively seeking solutions to their problem.

After you got some revenue, you can use more expensive keywords and see if you can make them profitable, but you gotta start small first.

Ferny Ceballos is an engineer, SEO and PPC expert. As part of a free 10-day marketing course, he gives away tons of content on traffic generation, copywriting, email marketing, capture page creation and many other components of 'relationship based marketing '.

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Specialized in: Attraction - Marketing - Self - Funded - Proposal - Sales - Funnel - Magnetic
URL: http://www.attractionmarketingformula.com
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