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             05 December, 2022

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How To Save Money On Car Repairing

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2008-07-10 03:44:14     
Article by Frank Kanara

Some times, to repair a car puts a big hole in our pocket as usually major part gets replaced for better performance. However, we can save money by many ways. Automotix is a website that offers an opportunity to people who want to spend less money on repairing their vehicles. It is the new and used auto parts marketplace offering used auto parts such as used auto bodies, used auto wheels, and lights, used engines etc., at a fraction of the price put up by other dealers. Whether it is simple used auto parts or rare auto parts, this is the place where you can find them easily. At www.automotix.net, you can make a secure purchase without regretting about it later.

Just refurbish the part locator web interface form with the details of the auto part that you want to locate and the Automotix software will match your query with the seller's store. Automotix also hosts an online Shoppe for auto parts where you can check out their specialties and qualities. You can refer to the Buyer's Quick Guide or Seller's Quick Guide while shopping online for used auto body parts. It offers auto body parts for trucks and cars manufactured by Buick, Ford, Nissan, GMC, Acura Integra etc. Auto body parts such as engines/transmissions, radiators, pick up beds, A/C condensers, gas tanks, floors, fillers etc are also available at a 70% discount.

Automotix offers auto repair tips for those in need. The Auto Repair section includes engine repair reports, consumer complaints, recall defects, how-to pages etc. for your help. At Automotix Bargain Cars, buyers can find cars at a price just a little above the wholesale price that your dealer might be paying. If you are looking for a special car that you have been wanting to buy for a long time or you are a student wanting to buy a car for your daily college commute then you have come to the right place. These cars may have some mechanical or cosmetic deficiencies but are fine for their age. You can post for a wanted car or post your bargain automobile for sale.

Automotix has made it easy for licensed salvage yard dealer's laymen to buy and sell salvaged automotive parts. Normally, the owner of a wrecked vehicle would have to spend time finding a salvage yard for his or her vehicle. But now, he or she can list their vehicle on Automotix's Auto Salvage page for dealers and consumers nationwide. You can post an ad for selling or buying either part of a salvaged vehicle or the entire vehicle, all on one site. This means you need not spend hours looking for the right salvage yard site on the Internet.

Automotix has its own Yellow Page automotive directory that includes listings of automotive business dealers nationwide. Visit http://www.automotix.net/yellowpages/ for state wise classifieds for Salvage yards, Auto Parts shops, Towing Services, Collision Repair Centers, Auto body shops, Car Restoration shops, Auto Repair shops, Automobile engine repair shops, Car Dealerships, Used Car Dealers, Antiques/ Classics shops, and many more.

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