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             15 April, 2021

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Blogging Traffic - Confidential Tips to Generate an Avalanche of Blog Traffic

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2008-07-06 01:09:14     
Article by Fabian Tan

In good old days, a new technology in any sphere had a reasonably long life span before getting replaced by a more advanced version. Computers and particularly, the advent of Personal Computers, has changed all that. The latest technology of today can be obsolete tomorrow. That is the pace at which this segment is growing. In olden days (a few years ago), we had this program for traffic exchange and banner exchange. But, all that has become ancient technology today. The current trend is blogs and blog traffic programs. Let us consider some quick ways to generate visitors to a blog.

Exchange programs

Though the method adopted has undergone change, exchange programs are still valid and effective. The traffic exchange programs through blogs are more effective to generate visitors to a blog, than the earlier methods. But, you will have to be joining several of these programs to reap real benefits, even if your blog enjoys a great niche. By increasing the number of traffic exchange programs you join, you will also correspondingly increase the readership of your own blog in quick time. But, some of these programs may not be worth while because of their own peculiarities. Therefore, make an informed decision while picking the right ones, to generate visitors to a blog.

Specialized blogs/ niche blogs

The exchange program we have discussed works better for blogs of general interest. However, if you are running a blog on a special niche, then that would need a different approach and you will need to target traffic related to that niche, to generate visitors to your blog.

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