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             22 September, 2023

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Never Let Bad Weather Jeopardize Your Family's Safety and Wireless Spy Cameras

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2008-06-28 03:51:50     
Article by Nahshon Roberts

If you are living in cities with extreme weather changes, it would be a good idea to make your wireless spy cameras weatherproof. You do not want your home security to fail in even the slightest downpour of rain or snow. Read on to know how to protect your cameras from the elements.

Map Your Property

Before you make your wireless spy cameras more resistant to weather, you will have to map your property first. In your map, draw estimates of each camera's field of vision so that you can determine the amount of area that they can monitor. You can use inverted cones to represent each channel's field of vision. Take extra steps to ensure that intruders will not be able to go into areas undetected.

Strong And Sturdy

Wireless spy cameras meant for outdoor use are specially designed to work well even in harsh weather conditions. Still, it is always good to reinforce them in weather-proof casings that are tightly bolted to your outside walls. There are all kinds of camera housings available in stores and on the web. Most spy cameras will fit into these casings but bring one to the shop to make sure that the casings are of the right size. Remember, the strongest winds can blow your equipment away. So make sure that everything is strongly mounted. Also, never put your spy cameras in areas near trees because they might knocked down along with them. Intruders might also climb these trees to get to your cameras.

Weatherproof Wiring

If you are not using wireless spy cameras, keep your wires dry by using plastic tubes. This way, you can avoid short circuits or fires due to wires that have been exposed to water. Indeed, wires are insulated but wear-and-tear might scratch away some bits of rubber insulation. In any event, plastic tubes, and other wire protective casings should be screwed tightly to walls so that it will not fall down.

Boost The Signal

For wireless spy cameras, it would be a good idea to buy an amplifier to increase the default range of your transmitter and receiver. An amplifier is very useful in extreme weather conditions because strong winds or even snow can hamper the transmissions sent by your cameras. This would result in very choppy audio and video. Amplify your cameras' signals to have clear surveillance footage even in very bad weather.

High And Dry

The higher your cameras are, the more protected it is. Mounting your spy cameras well-beyond reach does not only make it weather-proof, it also makes it tamper-resistant as well. For sure, intruders will not be foolish enough to bring step ladders along with them just to reach your cameras. Also check if your cameras are not facing any light source that can blind them.

When your wireless spy cams are weatherproof, you will always feel safe even during dire weather conditions. When your home security system is more resistant to weather, snowstorms and hurricanes will never stop from you monitoring your property.

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