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             22 January, 2021

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The Nasty Truth About the Health Risks of Smoking

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2008-06-22 07:47:27     
Article by Jonathan Drake

When you smoke the Health Risks of Smoking are many. Smoking can lead to cardiovascular disease, cancer, lung diseases, digestive complications, just to name a few. And to make matters worse smoking has also been proven to affect non-smoker lives. But sadly, smoking is a risk that many of us take that we do not have to.

Apart from the obvious, some of the more esoteric health risks of smoking involve specific risks for pregnant women: miscarriages, ectopic pregnancy, placenta abruption, placenta previa, an early rupturing of membranes, premature birth, smaller babies, stillborns and birth defects.

The serious health risks from smoking are vast and yet altogether avoidable for pregnant women, if only they would quit smoking. If a pregnant smoker is to stop smoking before or during the pregnancy, the health risks of smoking can be reduced and the complications might be avoidable altogether. The same is true for any smoker.

Still more health risks of smoking include strokes, an altering of brain chemistry, stress, eye problems, and thyroid disease. The list of health risks caused by smoking is nearly endless and they can all be erased if only smokers would quit.

The health risks caused by smoking are also present in the innocent lives of children and pets. When a parent smokes around his or her child, he or she is exposed to nasty second hand smoke, as is the pet when a pet owner smokes in its presence.

How about insurance rates and the impact on our checking accounts, does smoking affect them? The health risks of smoking as well as related problems and expenses are all certainly preventable, if only smokers would quit.

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