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             20 March, 2023

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If You Want to Reverse Type 2 Diabetes Take This Quick Quiz

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2008-06-21 04:57:51     
Article by Robert Tracy

Take This Quick Quiz: It Might Help You Defeat Diabetes!
Here's a quick pop quiz of easy questions your doctor probably didn't ask you, but could lead to your finding a safe, all natural treatment that could control, even reverse your Type 2 diabetes:

1.) Are you over 50 years of age?
2.) Do you know what the food pyramid is?
3.) Do you drink Coke, Pepsi or other soda on a daily basis?
4.) When you shop at the grocery store, do you spend most of your time on the inner aisles?
5.) Do you eat a lot of microwaved food?
6.) Do you smoke or drink alcoholic beverages?
7.) Do you suffer from stress?

If you answered 'yes' to one or more of these questions (and who didn't?), treatment with all natural, herbal supplementation may help you control, even reverse your Type 2 diabetes. Here's how.

All Natural Supplements and Lower Weight, Reduced Blood Sugar
Researchers around the world have repeatedly found that a lack of an all- natural, trace mineral called chromium, is often the cause of Type 2 diabetes.

As we age (over 50 years), as our diets become nutrient poor (we eat less and less of the foods found on the U.S.D.A Food Pyramid. Instead, we consume more and more high sugar and flour content foods often found in the inner aisles of grocery stores). We gulp down gallons of soda containing ingredients that actually remove chromium from our bodies, and smoke, drink or stress to excess, robbing us of vitamins and minerals that could help ward off illness and disease.

All of these situations lead to a depletion of chromium.

Why is this so bad?

Chromium is a small ingredient that hugely impacts the control of weight gain and optimal blood sugar levels in our bodies. With the right amount and type of chromium, we can control Type 2 causing factors. Without it, our bodies are out of control, susceptible to weight gain and raging blood sugar levels.

Diet, Exercise and Chromium To Defeat Diabetes

If you want to control, even reduce your Type 2 diabetes follow your doctor's advice to diet (stay away from Coke, Pepsi, Twinkies and other sugary products), shop on the outer grocery aisles for fresh fruit and vegetables, and take a chromium supplement (preferably niacin bound chromemate for high absorption). It could be the treatment that will reverse your Type 2 diabetes.

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