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             11 August, 2020

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Coping With Diabetes in Children (Type 2)

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2008-06-19 06:21:55     
Article by Roger Guzman

Diabetes in children drives the parents to do all they can to help. The first step they can do is to find out all they can about this condition while keeping stress at bay. The previous article dealt with type 1. Now it is time to think of type 2 and what can be done for this age group and their parents. And like the other group, the feeling will be akin to falling off a cliff.

It used to be that type 2 diabetes in children was not considered for this age group. In fact, it was considered a disease for adults. They even referred to it as adult-onset diabetes. Not anymore. Nowadays, too many cases are diagnosed in kids. Why has this happened?

During the past thirty years the statistics for obesity in children has dramatically gone up. Obesity has doubled for this group and teenagers. Studies have shown that the additional pounds adds to the risk of developing diabetes. With the rise of obesity, so does type 2 diabetes in children go up in tandem. This is a risk factor that cannot be ignored. The other risks are:

-Race: Hispanic, Black, and Asian Americans have a high risk. So do the American Indians, and Pacific Islanders.

-Insulin resistance signs: High blood pressure and abnormal levels of lipids are two of these.

-Family History: The risk to develop this condition increases when a close relative like a parent or sibling has type 2 diabetes.
As for the signs and symptoms of type 2 diabetes in children, they do not appear quickly like the ones for type 1. They develop more slowly. Some do not even have symptoms. That is why it is greatly recommended to test all children who are at risk before any damage has occurred. A late diagnosis will eliminate an important window of treatment opportunity.

When the symptoms do occur, here they are:

-Excessive thirst

-Frequent urination

-Easily gets tired

-Excessive hunger

-Weight loss that cannot be explained

-Infections occur frequently

-Sores are slow to heal

-Blurry vision
In addition to the above, most also have dark folds of skin that usually occur in the neck and armpits. This is a sure sign that there is resistance to insulin. With this, plus two of the above risks and obesity will probably show that the diagnosis will be positive.

To confirm the suspicion, the doctor will give a fasting blood glucose test for which the child has to avoid food and drink for eight hours. A result of 125 ml/dL on two separate tests will show diabetes and between 100 and 125 is prediabetes. Whichever it is, eating healthy and getting more exercise will help with prevention and management.

As for treatment, many will be able to get by with healthy eating and exercising. Some cases of diabetes in children need some medical treatment though. Some are even treated with insulin. Others have to use drugs like Metformin which is approved for this group from age 10 and adolescent. This may cause gastrointestinal problem so it's good to watch for side effects.

Please visit these sites for more diabetes help:

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Brief Biography: Dr. Guzman worked for the Atlantic Health Corporation and was consultant to St. Joseph's Hospital, Sussex Mental Health Clinic, and St. Stephen Mental Health Clinic for many years. He was Director of Forensic Psychiatry at Centracare for ten years and published numerous articles in the Journal of the American College of Forensic Psychiatry and other medical magazines.

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