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             17 October, 2021

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Why You Need Support During a Detox Program

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2008-06-18 06:20:35     
Article by Helena Bingham

A Detox involves changing what you eat in an attempt to remove toxins from your body.

The change in diet used during a Detox will assist and support your body in removing the toxins and other contaminants that have been stored and built up over time. To detox your body improves your overall health and well being; energy levels; your resistance to dis-ease; your mental and emotional state; your digestion, and of course to detox encourages Natural Weight Loss.

Removing toxins from your body is more than positive in so many ways, i.e. weight loss, clarity, energy etc... but when extra toxins are released into your system you can experience feelings such as nausea, headaches, lethargy, mood swings, anger, irritability, constipation, diarrhea and stomach aches which can leave you feeling frustrated, uncomfortable and unable to adhere to the task ahead!

You see we are all so uniquely different. We all come from completely different backgrounds, heritage and parents, so no two Detox programs would or could work the same! What works for me probably would not work for you and vice versa. On top of that, other affecting factors can include, time, money, space, experience and relationships.

Having support during a Detox program from a qualified professional can help you to adhere to your program and assist you in maintaining your goals! Not having support from someone who understands the symptoms, feelings and why themselves may leave you a) short of money and b) disappointed with yourself for failing to adhere.

There are many different supportive body techniques that are advisable and can be safely used when performing a Detox. To name a few there is dry skin brushing, the enema, castor oil packing and Epsom salt baths, but which ones should you use, why and when?

What is often not explained with Detox information is that when you are at the start or in the middle of a Detox diet program and feeling rotten with some of the mentioned symptoms above, what you don't need or want is to be still be releasing even more toxins without being able to remove them from your body. Excessive toxins in your body that are not being removed safely through the correct routes can lead to problems down the line, such as them being dumped to create symptoms and ailments that possibly caused you to start the Detox in the first place!

Having support from a professional through a detox program will allow you to reach your goal, natural weight and optimum health as well as valued emotional support and understanding.

Helena Bingham is a fully qualified Natural Nutritionist specializing in Natural Detox, Supportive techniques and Pre Pregnancy Diet. She is the owner and founder of http://www.nutritionfriend.com offering natural detox programs, natural weight loss programs, support and more!

Specialized in: Optimum Nutrition - Natural Weight Loss - Natural Detox - Pregnancy Diet - Natural Nutrition - Pregnancy Tips - Optimum Health - Natural Well Being - Key To Optimum Health - Nutrition Consultations - Support
URL: http://www.nutritionfriend.com
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