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             20 January, 2021

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Full-Time Bliss

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2008-06-14 04:09:12     
Article by Paul Norris

"The Human Computer. A woman becomes pregnant and immediately the divine intelligence within takes over and a baby is formed. The woman has no control as to where the different parts are placed. It is all directed automatically by the divine computer within the mother and the newly developing mortal. To many people, God seems so far away. If so - who did the moving?"

The body consists of billions of cells, you have more cells in your body then there are stars throughout the universe and the functioning of each cell (reproducing, healing, cleansing, communicating, regulating the body as a whole even when your physical body is "sleep") is operating outside of your so called waking consciousness, totally independent of normal human awareness. All of this happening inside of The human body, with an intelligence that seems to be far beyond normal human intelligence. What force regulates the billions of functions that go on throughout the body.

Is this intelligence, the same force that creates and moves the earth, the trees, the animals, the galaxies, the entire universe, is it separate from "you" or are you it. Are diseases and sickness even necessary? How powerful are we really? Who are we really? Maybe if we could use that other 90 percent of our brains, we'd know, become aware or better yet re-member.

There's only one way to find out and that's through experiencing it. We have been trained with the illusion of separation creating the feared based ego creating the illusion of survival, trained to think that all we are, are our physical bodies. We are not. We are so much more.You ready?


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