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Difference Between Psychotic and Neurotic Depression

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2008-06-12 07:54:37     
Article by Harold Cortez

There are so many forms of depression. Neurotic depression is another form of depression that is observed in people. It is also known as dysthymia disorder. It is a chronic form of depression and is distinguished by the frames of mind that are constantly low however it is not as severe as the other forms of depression. Psychotic depression is the most dangerous form of depression. People that suffer from this form of depression experience the problems like Hallucination and Delusions. Hallucination causes problems in vision and hearing problems. Delusion causes fears and development of negative thoughts in human minds.

Difference between Psychotic and neurotic depression

The cause of Neurotic depression is completely unknown. So many researches have been done to identify the reason of neurotic disorders but none of the research has been successful. This form of depression is not as severe as other forms of depression. It causes depressed mood, hopelessness and despair almost everyday. It is mostly observed in women as compared with men. It can also occur in children as well. The cause of Psychotic depression is also unknown. However few researches have shown that it has something to do with hormonal changes. Hormone named Cortical is the main cause of psychotic depressions that normally leads to stress. It is also not a severe form of depression but should be cured in time. Neurotic depression generally affects four to five percent of general population. It can easily be cured by the help of medicines prescribed by the specialist. It may persist for years if not cured at the right time. In case of this type of depression consulting with a specialist is a wise decision.

Other causes of Neurotic depression

1. Appetite problem, you tend to overeating or less eating.

2. Sleeping problems

3. Your energy level gets low.

4. Ability to Concentrate gets affected

5. Poor self admiration.

Other causes of Psychotic depression

1. Sleeping problems

2. It plays a huge role to get you in the state of Anxiety.

3. You tend to loose the ability to move.

4. Your ears and eyes do not work normally.

Neurotic depression can be cured easily both by medicines and psychotherapy. Medicine that is frequently used to get rid of this disorder is Fluoxetine (Prozac). Along with medicines talk therapies are also very much used to cure this disorder. It has been observed that the interpersonal and behavioral therapies have been a great help in Neurotic depression. Psychotic depression can be cured by antidepressants. Antipsychotic drugs and antidepressants are greatly helpful in the treatment of this type of depression. Trained professionals also use ECT (electroconvulsive therapy) technology to treat psychotic depression. People have found it really very good that have been through ECT. The recovery from psychotic depression takes more than one year time, but the result is always satisfying. Neurotic depression also takes almost the same amount of time. The results in case of neurotic depression are also very good.

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