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             22 September, 2023

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Meditation, Yoga and Occidental Medicine

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2008-06-12 07:54:08     
Article by Werner Boersch

The Yoga discipline - centuries old - is nowadays more valid than ever, she provides the means to combat the lack of inner equilibrium, that the actual rhythm of life so frequently inducts.

For a great number of illnesses are the psychosomatic origins already mostly accepted, especially in the psychological and psychiatric practice.

Often has been asserted a very close relation between psychic components and the symptoms of illnesses in the gynecology, and most times is it sufficient to affront the relations between the psychic components and the symptoms to resolve the accused disturbs. To do so is it frequently sufficient to deal out with the problems that arise in course of a dialogue.

Insuring the person, that her ills does not reckons from an organic alteration but from a modification of the functionality of the organs, induced likelihood from his life-style, opens already afresh possibility for her to relate to his own body.

Evidently is the equation "realizing - recovery" not always that immediately and most importantly, if such disturbs are of an older date, is a long work of unblocking involved before the person can refind his lost equilibrium.

The advantage of Hatha Yoga and its exercise is to allow us to retrieve possess of our whole body, which is a result that goes widely over dissolving only illnesses.

As son of the western science, I tried to find a justification for the therapeutic results received from Yoga; for this I examined the "Chakra's" (centers of energy) for every yoga position, looking for the nervous points that are involved and stimulated through the particularly yoga posture which the body assumes in such asana's.

Sure that's not a scientifically research but I hope that it induces the skeptically to a major reflection of the possibility of "self-cure" what resides inside our bodies, acknowledged since thousands of years and neglected and disregarded or ignored in western hemisphere since too much time.

For to understand how a Yoga posture acts, we have first to know the Chakra (center of energy), which it stimulates. The Chakra's- literal meaning "wheel"- are the psychophysically centers of our body. We have very much of them thoroughly our body crossed from little conveyer channels of energy (Nadi), and some of them we have in our astral body.

The principal Chakra's are six, of which the spinal colon is the central axle (Sushumma), and two are the secondary ones.

On the base of our sacrum resides the Chakra "Muladhara", which in relation with the plexus sacralis and the ganglion coccygeal regularizes the feet's, the function of excretions and childbirth, stimulates the speech communication and regulates the olfactory modality.

On the level of the vulva (the penis base) resides the Chakra "Svadhisthana"; it commands in relation with the plexus uterus ovary (spermatic) the ovary, the loins, the suprarenal glands and the lower abdominal area, the legs and the gustatory modality.

The Chakra "Manipura" resides nearby our umbilicus; it controls in relation with the solar plexus the stomach and the intestine; manages the digestion and assimilation, and is connected with the menstrual cycles and influences the visual sense.

To the right of "Manipura" we find the "Surya" Chakra (small center of the sun), commanding the functions of the liver; on the left side of "Manipura" is situated the "Chandra" Chakra (small center of the moon), which act's onto the pancreas and spleen.

In the thoracic region, located right behind the heart is the Chakra "Anahata". It regulates and controls in relation with the plexus cardiacus the functions of the thymus gland, the tactile sense, the penis and the blood circulation, the respiration as the deglutination and the locomotors system.

Situated on the base of the neck is the "Vishuddha" Chakra that in relation with the plexus pharyngeal is connected with the thyroid gland and controls the auditory modality, the skin, the mouth and the respiration.

In the head (in the centre between the eyes brown), is situated the "Ajna" Chakra connected with the hypophysis (pituitary gland).

By exercising Hatha Yoga, one or more of those Chakras becomes stimulated, in base of the different postures (the asana's), and creates so the necessary energy for the correct function of the organs that correspond to those centers.

by Werner Boersch

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